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The French government and UEFA have announced they’re to boost security further at the Euro 2016 football championships in the wake of violent clashes between fans.

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Republican Jewish American Girl vs Democrat Detroit Ghetto Thugs!

Watch Nana Patekar in action with the street thugs as they bribe the innocent shopkeepers in the city.

Film – Prahaar
Music – Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Actor – Nana Patekar, Madhuri Dixit, Dimple Kapadia & Gautam Joglekar
Produced by – Sudhakar Bokade
Directed by – Nana Patekar

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Kwonkicker vs Street Thugs Fight Scene (Scott Adkins / Tony Jaa Style, Real Hits)

A compilation montage of some of the best fights I’ve seen! A boxer defends his woman and fights two thugs, a street performer punches a drunk guy in the fac…

Hugh Janus Ha, derp!

Jon Peters Cool song. Winning combo!

Владислав Ованесян the 1:16 fight happened in my country. The guy is a 3 years boxer and the other 2 ate some more punches later on :)

Guy with Bat takes out 6 drunk guys in Chinatown Brawl.

mykovn Wow, how the hell they still functioning like normal when they got smashed with a baseball bat?

minion4567 BAT FIGHT!

WackyTheyWhaleysaurus This is where overconfident ignorance will get you. It's funny how at the end they start yelling like that guy was the one in the wrong.

dimcoin At least he isnt able to brain damage those already brain dead!

pera koc gh YES ghm YES hg YES hahahaha

Man Fights A Bunch Of Mexican Thugs On Highway

STRAIGHT FROM THE GHETTO.. Hood Life 3 In Stores Now or at http://www.ghettofights.com.

James Gray stupid fuckin nigs get a life

ak91son song??? anyone

knowthetruth1492 Why do these bunch of cretanous primates take pride in being the scum of society, pushing drugs, robbing, sleeping with multiple women, and fighting in public?

olysheety get a sk or ak like that from any pawn shop

hutsonlamb Song name?

Movie – Football Hooligans / Green street hooligans and Football factory Violence and street fights… West Ham United. England / UK / British / United Kingd…

mclarenfan04 @zerker2nd Thank you, I updated the description with the music info. Artist- Limp Bizkit Song- Creamer (Radio Is Dead)

Vytautas Jocys i have to get this movie good video mate

J PD Shut up Jack Meoff.

Likeabossprductions TV good vid but song no

Nat Bradley its obviously not soccer, americans cant play the game for shit this is england and this is fuckin FOOTBALL!