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Living in thailand the good thing i could hear some of their yelling and it was about the woman being jealous of this new girl who just moved in next door whom she feel her man was spending most of his time.





Seni 7 day count down by wing chun master
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In Klong Prem high-security prison in Bangkok, inmates box outsiders for money, shorter sentences, and the greater glory of Thailand.

TRENDING | Transgender Thai boxer fights for acceptance | Tuesday, July 25th 2017

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If you like it please subscribe my channel. Scientifically Proven Way to Be Incredibly Happy

Trailer for MUAY THAI CHAIYA, multi-award winning film at the National Thailand Film Awards.

Making its UK PREMIERE as part of the Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2009.

check out the rest of the line up.

21st – 24th May 2009
Prince Charles Cinema, London


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Thai police are looking into taking criminal action against a group of men who have been organising street fist fights without permission in Bangkok.
According to a police commander, a law against betting would be used against the fighters and organisers of the fight, Fight Club Thailand, if there is evidence of gambling by spectators.