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The French government and UEFA have announced they’re to boost security further at the Euro 2016 football championships in the wake of violent clashes between fans.

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Fight At Sacramento California High School That Went Viral Shows Principal Slammed By Black Male Student During Brawl

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In the first part of this video students are scrambling in and screaming while a fight is breaking out in the Commons at Florin high. The camera catches up to the fight and as it does you see a student wrestle and slam a grown man to the ground. That man is Florin high principal Don Ross who gets right back on its feet and continues his efforts to break up the fight. He helps restrain the student who shoved him to the ground while a school resource officer from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department steps in. The situation was quickly stabilized according to the sheriff’s department additional officers arrived and three students were arrested. Two 15 year olds and a 13 year old. Three school employees sustained minor injuries. We ran into a few coaches on campus who have seen the video. All of the alumni are talking about this is a disgrace to the school how they put it up online and they shouldn’t been. These two graduated from Florin high 5 years ago. They tell us they never saw anything like this during their time here. Fights happen a lot but not like to that degree. I also caught up with basketball coach John Graham who has some words of wisdom for any kids who choose to fight on campus. What are you trying to prove? You aren’t proving anything. Now you’re going to get kicked out can’t play, fighting is not the solution.

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