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THE NAME OF THIS ANIME IS Parasyte: The Maxim Or Just Parasyte. NOW STAPH ASKING IN THE COMMENTS!!! —————————————- This .
Gotou VS Yakuza Gang – Parasyte: The Maxim Epic Scene – Episode 11.
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Shinichi kills shimada with a stone/pebble. Thats it. But thats not everything for the description; —————————————- Song used: Justice – Ken Arai .
Im so sorry for takin so long with this episode, so many things slowed down this episodes production, but its finally out! Dont worry this wont happen again.

Tess Kielhamer vs Boxing Girl Fight Scene (Kung Fu and Karate vs Boxing)

Two gangs have a final battle in Paradise Square: The nativist, Protestant “Natives” led by Bill “the Butcher” Cutting, and the Irish Catholic immigrant “Dead Rabbits” led by “Priest” Vallon..

Intense Fight Scene Between A Girl and A Man With Fat Body At Fast Food Restaurant