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Meth tweeking zombing throwing bricks and each other hiding from the police

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trinarystarsystem damn, camera steady as fuck. Like, a professional filmed it.

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forlornblade382 Just an average day in detroit.

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Micheal King epic video indeed. thanks for watching? No sir, thank you for uploading

hockie5 could someone help me who sings the first song played and what is the name of the song please help

HotNiceGirl ;). really great

Two men fighting in the middle of the street. Things get really ugly.

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Jesus Christ His fucking ear is hanging off.

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M Gomez Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the color of the dogs i guess...

The Reginal P.Jones show I don't understand...big guy beats up little guy....and we celebrate that?? thats some weak shit. Maybe big guy should fight someone my size. I'm about his size. And I'm sure it'll be a even matchup, until I start whooping his ass like he did that little bitty mexican dude.That is no tough guy shit he did. I ain't impressed. oh well,

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Compilation of real street fights.

doodoo i got sucker punched cuz the dude that did it was mad i won the first fight and i still won the second!

Deshawn yoakum now who kid me ( how it was said)

UusiLitmanen Why do y scream all the time? Weird.

Joe Espinoza 6:27 le dijo gorda! jajaja

Moleektus35 I think the last fight was over a tweenkie or something?


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chris clark at 15:39 the kids voice is so fucking funny lolz

Lauren Barlow Lol I know all then native girls in the last one smh ..

Amanda Haun holy shit

Swift MCPro 14:02 when the one with black shirt pinned the blue shirt one down, you can see dem boobies xD