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Miami Yacine – Ghetto Part 2

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Cette semaine, Fred reçoit le groupe marseillais Ghetto Phénomène ! Ils montent sur Paris pour ambiancer le studio Planète Rap avec des lives et des freestyles en direct sur Skyrock.

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This is 2nd part of a advanced routine of combinations of kicks and punches. You should move on to these after you have mastered the basics. These will require more energy, power and better timing to execute.

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Belle Vista Brawls II Mortal Kombat Tournament (Part 13 of 29)
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ALL of the worst trash talk in UFC MMA history including cringeworthy insults and press conference interviews. This includes Kevin Lee, Michael Johnson, Chael .
Kungfu 2017 UFC Worst Trash Talk Ever.. UFC MMA Fails Kungfu 2017 ALL of the worst trash talk in UFC MMA history including cringeworthy insults and press .
Boxing Legends TV takes a look at the funniest moments in MMA & Boxing Part 2. Some hilarious trash talk, knockouts, press conferences and random moments .
Some examples of talking trash not going so well.