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http://CloseQuartersCombat.com – Martial arts has its place in self defense, but in a real street fight, martial arts punching techniques may not be enough to survive. This street fight training technique explains how to train for self defense.

dm_5086cd8d8dda9 this is shitofc 'basics' of matial arts are not enough to survive in street fight but those which you show gives me the impression u never saw any advanced move. go learn some more before uploading such cocky videos

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Moises Soto La patada de la ultima pelea se llama back kick - popular ptada de Taekwondo ... aparte el tipo es un taekwondoi se nota en su forma de pelear :)

Vroktar2009 I am trained in the art of SMith and Wesson.

Sergei Kachalov 3:22 самбо на ..й!)

Regnery Cruz When the gap of your gun is broken, you will meet the art of ass whoopin.

inceptionwarrior this vid motivated me to try jiu jitsu in a street fight


This is an audio summary of Championship Streetfighting: Boxing As A Martial Art by Ned Beaumont.