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George Lopez S02E15 Girl Fight

What if Luis Lopez felt like every day, was similar to Urban Champion?

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Tai Lopez reaction video “my backyard”

Jennifer Lopez was getting into character on set of her new TV show ‘Shades of Blue’. The super star was spotted showing off her serious acting chops filming late night scenes on the streets of Brooklyn. Brandishing a gun at a pair of armed robbers who had taken a hostage after holding up a Bodega. The American Idol judge was dressed in character as single mother, Detective Harlee Santos wearing skinny jeans, a cream shirt and a trench coat. She was also sporting her new short ombré bob. A far cry from her usual super glam look. In the scene Jennifer shoots one of the men before rushing over to help the victim who was held hostage. NBC’s Shades Of Blue, which is set to air mid season, also features Ray Liotta, and Waren Kole.

La diputada opositora venezolana María Corina Machado afirmó que la audiencia de comparecencia judicial del dirigente Leopoldo López efectuada en una cárcel y que duró hasta la madrugada es una muestra “evidente y burda” de la “represión brutal” contra la disidencia