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“fight” “fights” “fighting” “fight today” “fight this week” “new fights” “best fights” “top fights” “street fight” “street fights” “street fighting” “street …

naomi mcknight 13:45 she still beat they ass! lol funny..

naomi mcknight 16:20 ?? FOR REAL!! lol

Prem Rush 16:18 like five Osama bin laden's in different colors 

FuKungGrip 10:30 Black guy's getting beat at basketball turns into a puss.

99ownage9 Last fight shows you how bad niggers can't fight, 3v1 at first cause the one dude was not trying to fight, and they hit him, knock him down, all they did was 2v1 each person then 4v1 at the end to the dude trying not to fight, smh at people..


Chris Pitts Ass 

plentycoups tenacheewaoohwehlo short guy is the biggest pussy somebody needs to stomp his little ass

Steven Hinckle Why are they all fat as shit?

KaUAiaNgRoWN89 that little guy is a mutt for hitting a woman!!!

J.B. Bryant that short ass nigga going put his hands on a girl, what a dick head 

Crip Gang fight ghetto fight school fight girl fight street fights epic hood fights real fights.

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Jesus Christ Jesus approves this video.

Peter Mercier Oh dear

daryl20092009 what a load of fucking shit iv seen better fights in my sleep 

Im Zeksa just another day in harlam

Ricky Mitchell when will the brave 9 come out lol

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FrickenSick Fucking blacks always with a bitch move.

MEANkilaMACHINE Hes white not mexican

georgetamyo Shady ass blacks

ferrocoon Da hoe got him popped off on

martha Thomas First of all just under stand the bitch ass.white.vuy got whoped end of story so shut the fuck if you white and tryin to defend the white bitch please 

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Jayy Brooks Dat damn camera boy need to SHUT DA FUCK UP WIT HIS UGLY CORNY ASS

Ashley Fermin Word y u talking to much and not video tapering like shut the fuck up nigga black niggas

Stevie Curry The decline of mankind!

Veronica4u2day animals

Victor Myrie Man y'all niggas weak as fuk how bout I cum ova there wit sum real hoes n nigga that will fight y'all picking on ppl y'all kno she didn't want to fight but hit me up if y'all want tha shit specially Alexis I got a bitch for u n any Otha bitch or niggaz hit me up if u really for sum shit 972-803-7591 choppa iz me nigga weak ass hoes n niggaz

“fight” “fights” “fighting” “fight today” “fight this week” “new fights” “best fights” “top fights” “street fight” “street fights” “street fighting” “street …

nswhiteboy2003 That boy in #6 is the shit

Two Chicks In The Hood go @ it Fighting

preety liddoh Ragee wow dats crazy

msprettyandpaid danggggggggggg

Alexandra Wonderland Well, she came over to her talking sh*t - girl showed her something. It's a free azz whipping when u come in somebody's yard . Should have dragged her in the house & really beat her azz

Fetishdemon she got served some home cooked ass whoopin'

MrPipingcrazy Who ate the last piece of chicken?

Joe Blow Boo boo 

Andrew Mendez That little nigga is a fucking bitch 

James Long 'Murica

wood2hoz4 Lol