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Laquetta Miller Y'all white people fight just as much as black people do and so does other ethnic people so stop making racist comments and get a life! 

Missrochellex3 @salto delpuma I KNOW you're not talking about anybody using their brain, seeing that you can't even put together a proper sentence. Stfu !

Le Quebecois African Americans are a bunch of cowards. The cute girl said she gave up, but the gorilla was still hitting her.

tim keith the black girls hair was all jacked up and she was bald in places ...lol

SlowAssMS3 That over sized animal needs to fucking chill out and get off the roids... There is such a thing as excessive you fat pig.

Two Girls In The Hood Start Kat Fighting & It Goes Down! And it was all over who was stronger, I think at stealing boy friends.. But with these kids today who knows..

The hottest night of boxing demands the hottest ring girls! Take a peek inside the Miss Knockout contest of twenty women vying for coveted slots as MGM ring girls for the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight.

Lex Carrillo did that girl bleeding have her boobd taped upp?? lmao it lookd like it

crystal Rentas shut the fck up yhall all cant fight. all yhall bitches do is run yhall mouth and slap..

BBAFAN001 that could of been a good fight. Fucking uglyass annoying kid with the video seriously needed to get knocked the fuck out!

Bobby Dazzler wow, what that 3 v3? why were they fighting? how old were they?

Queen KayKay why tf does she not hve onn fdraws smdh only racthet ass white girls go to a party with no underwear and her butt is sagggy as fuck!

I dont own this.

Aleia Le'Gare That fight was weird! They fight then everyone just goes about their business? The girls didn't even seem mad at eachother after they fought. This is not worldstar!

kinkykisssp "We bout to go back to yhr the shelter and shoot this video"lmao...like wtf??!!

Jamyus Penn r u gay tim keith

Pamela Cle what is this shit

Ashante Ricks This is not world star hip hop cuz this was whaaaaack ! Even my 6 yr old cousin fight better .. Like yu serious ? Stawp thinking yu hard but yu not

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Vivian Richards There's some research out there that its the lesbians who thug it out, coz most straight girls are scared of violence.

skippybartalozzi that native got a back on her like a silverback !

skippybartalozzi them blacks really are primates, just wild untamed gorilla's !

Kenneth Wallace Yea she's a nigga

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Jayy Brooks Dat damn camera boy need to SHUT DA FUCK UP WIT HIS UGLY CORNY ASS

Ashley Fermin Word y u talking to much and not video tapering like shut the fuck up nigga black niggas

Stevie Curry The decline of mankind!

Veronica4u2day animals

Victor Myrie Man y'all niggas weak as fuk how bout I cum ova there wit sum real hoes n nigga that will fight y'all picking on ppl y'all kno she didn't want to fight but hit me up if y'all want tha shit specially Alexis I got a bitch for u n any Otha bitch or niggaz hit me up if u really for sum shit 972-803-7591 choppa iz me nigga weak ass hoes n niggaz

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GRUMPS I beleive they are drunk......