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Witnesses Claim Gang Fight Started “Terror” Panic In London

By Alex Matthews and Katy Gill A ‘gang fight’ at an underground station in central London caused widespread panic amid fears terrorists had struck the capital, witnesses claimed. Onlookers told how panicked commuters and shoppers fled Oxford Circus tube station and ran for their lives after around 20 people began a brawl on a platform. […]

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Freddy Fazbear, Chica, and Foxy the Pirate Fox vs Dolan, Spoderman, and Gooby! \r
Five Nights At Freddies vs Uncle Dolan Show! Dolan vs Chica Sudden Death! AnimationRewinds Cartoon Fight Club Episode 77!\r
Dolan, Spoderman, and Gooby from the Uncle Dolan Show and the Dolan Gang will face Freddy Fazbear, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox in a fight to the Death, right here on Cartoon Fight Club!\r
Freddy Fazbear vs SlenderMan: \r
Freddy Fazbear vs Chuck E Cheese: \r
Freddy Fazbear vs Sans: \r
Five Nights at Freddys is an indie point-and-click survival horror video game created by Scott Cawthon. His World Cover by, AJ DiSpirito: Sources: \r
Charer Sprites Created by, XmayGrrr:

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GTA 5 LSPDFR 0.3 Police Mod 94 | Female Patrol | Crazy Gang Fight In Downtown Los Santos | Secondary Callouts\r
Vehicle Used in this patrol:\r
My Computer:\r
Asus G11 with Intel I7 6700k Processor \r
Nvidia GTX 980\r
16gb of RAM.\r
Thank you to everyone that watch, like, share and comment on my videos. It may seem like a small thing to you but I appreciate each and everyone of you. All of the feedback and comments are what helped this channel grow to what is now. \r
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Links the mods used in this video provided by DCP1293. Thanks for taking the time out to make all of these links and allowing me to use them. Be sure to check out his channel. \r
Get GTA V Here, this mod is for PC ONLY : \r
ScriptHookV – \r
ScriptHookVDotNet – \r
RagePluginHook – \r
Simple Trainer – \r
Player Location Display – \r
Breathalyzer – \r
CalloutsV – \r
Code 3 Callouts – \r
StraysCallouts – \r
Wilderness Callouts – \r
Simple Callouts – \r
MoreControlV – \r
Traffic Variety – \r
Traffic Control – \r
Traffic Policer – \r
Cop Holster – \r
More Jail Points – \r
Coroner Boxville – \r
SS2000 Scanner Texture – \r
Lights and Sirens Script – \r
LED Corona – \r
Parking Lights for Stanier – \r
Speed Radar – \r
Police Radio by FinKone – \r
Spotlight – \r
Vehicle Search – \r
LAPD SS2000 Siren – \r
Crown Victoria by Prophet – \r
Rumbler Siren – \r
LAPD SS2000 Siren – \r
Crown Victoria Engine Sound – \r
Sheriff CVPI by F5544 – \r
BxBugs Impala – \r
Unmarked CVPI Pack – \r
Ford Taurus – \r
Snow – \r
LSPD First Response 0.2 Beta: \r
The LSPD First Response Modification (LSPDFR) is a police simulation modification (mod) for the PC version of Grand\r
Theft Auto V which transforms the game into a law enforcement simulation where you can conduct traffic stops, engage\r
in high speed pursuits, respond to callouts and enforce the law as you see fit.\r
The following are required to run the LCPDFR Modification:\r
• A genuine, working Microsoft Windows (PC) platform copy of Grand Theft Auto V.\r
• The RAGE Plugin Hook for GTA V, and its dependencies (all of which are included).\r
• Version 4.5 of Microsofts .Net Framework\r
LSPDFR heavily modifies the game far beyond its original purpose or scope. As such, it can conflict with the game\r
and cause occasional failures and errors. Such errors will not have any lasting effect on the modification or the game,\r
however they may result in crashes, freezes or the current session becoming unplayable. Note that LSPDFR does\r
not currently support any form of multiplayer gameplay.\r
The first public release of LSPDFR lays down a basic framework upon which the modification will be developed. Still,\r
it contains a number of interesting features – many of which will be easily recognizable by anyone who played its sister\r
modification, LCPDFR for GTA IV.\r
Hope You Enjoy and do not forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe To My Channel Acepilot2k7.\r
Hope You Enjoy and do not forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe To My Channel Acepilot2k7.\r

Details 2015 Deadly Gang Fight At Private Cushing Prison