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Five years ago, on December 16, 2012, the gang rape of Jyoti Singh or ‘Nirbhaya’ as the national calls her in a tribute to her spirit, shook the entire nation with its sheer brutality. A 23-year old Jyoti was violated in the most unimaginable, horrifying way possible by 6 men, including one juvenile in a bus, her entrails were pulled out and she along with her injured companion was left to die in the chilling cold of the national capital. From 2013 to 2017, Delhi – the National Capital – the Delhi police data showed a figure of 10,124 rape cases. 2017 itself recorded a figure of 1968 till November 30. The NCRB data clearly pointed out that the National Capital is no place for women recording highest number of crimes against women.

Witnesses Claim Gang Fight Started “Terror” Panic In London

Sure, it feels like some viral marketing campaign, but the chicken vs. cow street fight of 2017 is still one for the history books.

Witnesses Claim Gang Fight Started “Terror” Panic In London

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Watsonville police uncovered the operation after a two month investigation