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Hi friends:) I will be making new bad baby and all sorts of skit videos very soon so ;let me know in the comments which are your favs:) Here are some of my favs, .
Bad Baby Giant Baby Bottle – Bad Baby Real Food Fight Greedy Messy Baby vs Mommy! Please check out our other videos: Bad .
Hi friends:) Here is a another bad baby video when i am dreaming about giant spiders LOL:) so i hope you had a giggle and a happy Halloween to you all love .
Giant Spider In Toilet vs Plunger Girl Victoria Saves Annabelle From Bite Toy Freaks Attack Bad Baby Spiders Attack & Bite Spatula Girl Victoria Goes Crazy .

Indian Street Food World Famous Vada Pav / Viral Video / indian Vada Pav
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Some fast food restaurants look more like battlegrounds than places to grab a quick bite. During an incident in Maryland, two Subway customers started fighting inside the shop and then went crashing through the store window. At a Minneapolis McDonald’s, a customer got upset about the service, grabbed an employee by the tie and pulled him out the drive-thru window. A woman named Amanda pulled up to a McDonalds drive-thru in Des Moines, Iowa, in June, and saw a customer attack a manager.

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