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AtomicP34nUtz . Man these some dumbass worldstar bullshit fights.

Franjo Žubčić Pimp slap!

david denruyter 8:00 - White people trying to say nigga. Shits real annoying bet all my money he wouldn't last one minuet in a fight with a real hood nigga. 

Neftali B Escobar Why does everybody stars saying the N word when they get into a fight

Chris L There appears to be quite a number of sucker punches........ Maybe that's how it's done in the US

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Fleece Johnson u piece of fuckin shit why the fuck would u put a fight so badly faked in this video BITCH

SintTeunesHC lol epic tackle 00:47 , followed by a fail backflip attempted

dylan ardolf 1:10 is fake as hell why wuld u have that bull.shit in there

Two men fighting in the middle of the street. Things get really ugly.

Mickie Miles You gay fucking pikey give it to him jonny Like a pussy shouting paddy fucked him up and ya poof mate that paddy knocked down bit his ear U the cameraman are a complete cunt and I'd fuck u over you sound like a little girl pussy

Ridhwan Khan Gypsies..... -_-

donavin williams Hold onn... witch one is johnny

Jesus Christ His fucking ear is hanging off.

Eric Patty ah my people

yarek jakubowski that's a nigger

M Gomez Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the color of the dogs i guess...

The Reginal P.Jones show I don't understand...big guy beats up little guy....and we celebrate that?? thats some weak shit. Maybe big guy should fight someone my size. I'm about his size. And I'm sure it'll be a even matchup, until I start whooping his ass like he did that little bitty mexican dude.That is no tough guy shit he did. I ain't impressed. oh well,

trojanoutwood fucking dirty niggers

Brandon williams loud ass niggers always jumping around and screaming like fucking animals

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The is from the original felony fights 1 videos and insane brawl with great knockout. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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