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Detectives Mike Allison and Cynthia Morrow investigate the tragic case of a mother shot to death in her car while her three children were in the back seat. As detectives close in on the suspect, they are stunned to learn what triggered the shooting– a fight with the victim’s friend over a man; Detective William Brown is on the hunt for the men who gunned down four cousins hanging out on their grandmother’s porch. Brown is faced with the challenge of identifying the suspects in a neighborhood where the fear of retaliation out-weighs the satisfaction of putting a killer behind bars.

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It’s been another violent weekend in Chicago. Fourteen people were hit by gunfire and three died including a 14-year old boy. ATF agents are helping combat violence in the city and they’re led by Chicago native Celinez Nunez. For her the fight is personal. She spoke to Adriana Diaz.

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