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A Valley family is fighting for change in state law after a woman was hit and killed in a crosswalk, and the suspect barely served any jail time.

Florida Family Brawls at Chuck E. Cheese | Ridiculous News

Brawls in the Family- WWE Top 10_ June 21_ 2015

Jordan Cote was having a quiet evening at home when he and his canine pal noticed a family of bears enjoying his backyard.

Cote decided to keep a safe distance rather than face the wrath of the beasts. However, he doesn’t seem too upset by his uninvited guests, and he posted this video to his Facebook page with a message – “Hope you enjoyed my yard!” Credit: Jordan Cote via Storyful

An Indiana family that signed paperwork and put down a deposit to build their “dream home” is now fighting to get their money back.

Maverick, 4 was diagnosed with a terminal degenerative brain disease in August.

A playful moose family was captured on video entertaining themselves in an Alberta, Canada, backyard on October 31.

Lesley McMahon shot the footage from her backyard in Red Deer County and shared the video on Facebook, describing the event as a “Moose party in my yard!” Credit: Lesley McMahon via Storyful