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Black Man Beaten During Charlottesville Rally Charged With Felony
DeAndre Harris, 20, was beaten with a metal pipe and wooden boards by at least six men inside a parking garage on Aug. 12,
and efforts to identify his assailants became a rallying cry on social media in the days after the “Unite the Right” rally.
The warrant issued on Monday stems from a statement given by one of Mr. Harris’s unnamed
assailants, referred to in a police statement as “the victim,” to the authorities.
A Charlottesville Police Department detective did respond, verified the facts and a warrant for Unlawful Wounding (Va Code 18.2-51) was issued.”
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“The victim went to the Magistrate’s office, presented the facts of what occurred
and attempted to obtain the warrant,” the police in Charlottesville said in the statement.


Big Fights during Live Interview in World’s Biggest News Channel Shows. Real but Funny Videos Compilation in HD.

Arlene Kelsch of Missouri City, Texas, was scanning her flooded backyard Sunday morning when she spotted two beady little black eyes staring back at her.

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Lancaster police are investigating a stabbing at Manor and Fourth streets that stemmed from a large fight.

Asma Rajput (Girl who a b used Waqar Zaka during audition) released another video after fight with Waqar Zaka

Lalah Hathaway, 2 time Grammy winner and daughter of the legendary Donny Hathaway, stopped by and blessed the SITM crew with a live performance that will blow you away.

It sets things up perfect for her 7th studio album ‘Lalah Hathaway Live‘, lucky for fans of true R&B we get a firsthand look at the beautiful voice that will spoil us October 30th. Growing up in a music driven household following both of her parents’ lead (mother was a musician as well) may seem like a lot of pressure but you really get the sense that she was really just born to do this. Not only from her naturally calm demeanor but how effortless it looks and sounds as she performs. Hearing stories from legends like Mavis Staples and Stevie Wonder regarding her father’s legacy is probably the most surreal feeling – speaking to living legends about a legend who happens to be your dad. You can definitely feel the energy as she gives us a live rendition of “Angel” for our concert series.

Enjoy the incredible interview and in-studio performance by the lovely Lalah Hathaway below:
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