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Tax foreclosures have swept across Detroit in greater numbers every year since the financial crisis. 16 of the 17 properties on this block have been tax fore…

kkkjjjaaa Owners lost jobs. No market for their houses. So many rentals that they can't be rented for enough to cover mortgage and expenses. Therefore, they are abandoned.

Charger Dave Sad

j246802 Wow, insane, I mean it's just nuts.

Rich McGinnis "16 of the 17 properties on this block have been tax foreclosed in recent years." Something is Wrong with this system.

Mom fights back against home invaders on Detroit’s west side.

Sammage DaSmammage But guns are unnecessary and dangerous in the hands of civilians, right Libtards? Freaking idiots. Try to take our guns away, you will be shot. Try to take our freedom away? You will be shot. Nobody ever kept their freedom by discussing with people with ill-intent. 

John Fowler Lousy shot. She shoulda taken out a couple of them.

Miguel Celestial Thats a crack house they were tryna rob.

JD Mo Looks like she need to get some range time. And due some maintenance on that rifle as it's covered in rust.

Robby From TX You mean to tell me that the Detroit PD responded within 24 hrs of the call?

Crazy fight in detroit, 8 mile, the hood where eminem grew up.

CHEVY DIPPEN camera guy looks like webster

Mudd Mac They need 2 things: 1 to learn to fight 2: a fucking steak dinner. Looking like snoop dogg out there scrapin lol

Victor Vazquez Fake ass nigger to much talking,come to south central LA we don't talk like nigger,we kill niggs by bunch

lifebehindtint Jackson LMAO for real...I WAS GETTING READY TO SAY that ain't no damn 8 mile

lenisepurifoy22 Thats fucking 7 mile and i was there

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