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pattymayonnaizze id fuck em up,, 3rd in nation in wrestlin,, plus im better in submissions and boxin 6 years experiences,, try me fucks 145 weight,, will take on anyone up to 255,, i break arms and jaws,, ull c me 1 year from now in ufc,, but id rather do fights in felony fights,, id rather get paid for it,, u 2 look like a bunch of fuckin bitches

GatufoHD ZAS haha 2:02 nice punch

redshadowblue @pattymayonnaizze dont complain 2 me i didnt make this i jus put it up here

Cody Paulson Would've been pretty boring without dude flying across the screen every 20 seconds

ThePinkMan @kissmysack Simple fact is tough guys are hard to come by. Most dude's just look stupid when pitted against someone else in an even, fair fight. There are a lot of guys out there who consider themselves "street fighters," but all they ever do is sucker punch small guys in bars and then spend the rest of the day bragging about it. The only surefire way to find someone who can scrap for real is to go to a boxing or MMA gym and pick out a professional.