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Brutal Street Fight Compilations December 2014 – 5

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Levi Sharman black buddy aint shit!!!!

Zachary McKee Three things. First two dudes fought like bitches. Second why's the black dude pulling his shorts down and third why's he bitch slapping the white guy? Gayest fight video on YouTube by far

Anthony Leanos I wana fight that fukn black guy 

steph fex Yoh wtf, this dude jumps the skinny kid at the end would gets stomped for that shit around here straight up


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Crynus69 dislike... good 1º fight......

Joshua Rael Whoever created this video is a fucking joke lol terrible at video editing and half the clips are either stupid chicks or not even people actually fighting or one long ass loop of shitty fights Good job on the first fight tho that was tight but the other 9 and a half minutes. .. you waisted of my life bud lol

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Ron Prunty poor Harlon. your sexy avatar is only gonna attract the desperate and nieve. if you want subscribers, post something original. these fight vids can be viewed on numerous other posts.