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Austin Linton lol "im a fucking animal"

Mad Beast 11:57 LOL!

Elijah Cruz Damn

marcussavi90 1:07 takes two guys to beat down 1 guy...CUNTS!


LoverDino 1. pause video 2. dislike 3. move on to next video misleading thumnbail of peace

pac mmaohio this was fucking supid

Bryan Reyes Girls dont need to be fighting, its not lady like. unless its really worth fighting for lol

Arkokatos E.M.M This isnt a fight compilation lol where does eminem come in and the bus driver lel and the animals like fuck ?

Anthony Kane HAHAHA!!! Looks like 2 one leg men showed up to the ass kicking contest.

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Madara Uchiha Did u see that fag with white top and with sleeves .he cant even punch but he can fall off like a paper

FunnyBuddyGuy Americans and Russians really do have few screws loose.

mynusss Horrible edit

Mike Hawk This video was good at first, but then around the half mark all the videos were just long and boring

Omega Shenron co za malpy ...dzicz

Fights Subscribe for best fights that happen all around the world! ▻ We’re at the ending of 2013 and we have seen some great fights so far. Here is a re-cap …

Vivian Richards There's some research out there that its the lesbians who thug it out, coz most straight girls are scared of violence.

skippybartalozzi that native got a back on her like a silverback !

skippybartalozzi them blacks really are primates, just wild untamed gorilla's !

Kenneth Wallace Yea she's a nigga

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Rosilane Nunes Nah that s*** go hard

Nathan Peters Nah that s*** go hard

MsWowkid123 Getter Rashiana xD

Joseph Cully Can't believe people just standing there recording people getting knocked out and still getting kicked and punched also 2 on1s PUT THE FUCKING CAMERA DOWN AND STOP IT the victims could Easley be kill YOU THICK FUCKING CUNTS

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Epic street fight compilation guys! Enjoy dudes! Ulitimate fighting championship, UFC, fighters, fighing, punching, kicking, Geroge St Pierre, michael bisbin…

Brandon Decicco cowards

drshotis girls can fight with mens and the mens can´t fight back???? fucking people...

caitgems1 sorry, but i like ma fights PIKEY

daniel scurvy I hate when women get in the middle of fights

Ghetto Street Fights and Robbery Compilation – 2Pac Hit Em Up.

zunk eleven Negroids just don't belong in the 1st world with civilised humans!

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xxxhamletxxx1 Shut the fuck up man dont talk shit about them thats why i like them better than you plus i'm brown and also mexican

Duje Shady Vujevic take money =)

Throwdown Compilation – Street Brawls And All Part 1 DaOfficialRNS does not own any rights to this video but distributing it for Entertainment Purposes!

Charles Tiffany worst camera action ever

theevilbatman01 chicken shit sneak attacks

Trent Wilson Number 8 Racist gets knocked out on St. Patty's day. But the one before it the little kid keeps calling the other one "pussy ass white boy" over and over.. yeah, that's not racist.