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How long before my workout should I take caffeine? Is creatine harmful to the kidneys? Do I need to take BCAAs? Krissy Kendall, PhD, is here to explain it all!
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| Questions |
1. Should you be taking caffeine an hour before you workout ► 0:12
2. Wonder how much can she bench? ► 0:36
3. Should you take creatine and is there any research showing that it could be harmful to my kidneys & liver ► 0:44
4. Still waiting for you to take that blouse off ► 1:16
5. How important is intra-workout supplementation? Should I always take BCAAs, or can I just do with water? ► 1:25
6. Can I drink milk with creatine? Does milk lower or higher testosterone levels? ► 1:55


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