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Shocking footage has emerged of fights between football fans ahead of a match in London tonight.

Supporters of German side FC Köln marched through the capital this afternoon ahead of their team’s Europa League match with Arsenal this evening.

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A very British fight was occurring outside of a night club when cops were called in. And boy did they arrive.

Big fights break out.”
Elizabeth St. Clair, a lawyer currently in two book clubs — one distinguished by the members’ interest in anthropology, the
other, their interest in drinking — had her Waterloo in a previous club over Cormac McCarthy’s “All the Pretty Horses.”
The group consisted of several couples, including Ms. St. Clair and her boyfriend at the time.
Most people echo the sentiments of Gretchen Rubin, the author of “The Happiness Project,”
who has founded numerous book clubs: “They are,” she says, “the joy of my life.”
For many, a book club is an oasis in an otherwise hectic life.
“It’s the great divide between people who actually want to read
and discuss the book and people for whom the gathering is a social event, where the idea is a brief roundup of plot/characters/themes, and then — let’s talk about where our kids are applying to college.”
All you need is one person on either side of the divide, Ms. Korelitz said, and that person is likely to get the boot.
Three of Ms. Rubin’s book clubs are for “kid lit,”
and people can react to Young Adult literature in particular like hormonal 15-year-olds: “The biggest division in Y.
“I was invited to a group by a woman I didn’t know very well,” said Barbara Lippert, an advertising writer, “and I did the first reading — a so-so
but still interesting novel about an academic in the 1920s.

Brawls have broken out inside South Africa’s parliament after opposition MPs were thrown out of the chamber during President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation address.

Zuma was repeatedly stopped from speaking by opposition members, notably those from the radical Economic Freedom Fighters Party and its firebrand leader Julius Malema.

Addressing Zuma, Malema said: “Sitting in front of us here is a man who is incorrigible, an incorrigible man. Rotten to the core. And that has been found by the constitutional Court.”

Eventually ordered to leave by the speaker, there were violent scenes as security teams moved in to eject the EFF’s red clad members.

There was also chaos outside parliament in Cape Town as riot police clashed with government and opposition supporters.

Ahead of the annual event, Zuma angered some MPs by deploying more than 400 troops to maintain law and order in parliament on the day.

South Africa’s president has faced countless calls to step down following allegations of corruption and cronyism, as well as his handling of the economy.

Police are investigating a string of fights in malls across the country during on of the busiest shopping days of the year. There were reports of fights in more than a dozen cities Monday, from Elizabeth, New Jersey, to Fort Worth, Texas. Jericka Duncan reports.

After watching a couple of fights and drink throwing incidents off to the side of his speech he claims that his Rally’s are the safest places. Well maybe not for those people involved in the disturbances. They sure do have loud and excited crowds at his events and lots of police and Secret Service agents.