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allexcosta Did you forget to upload the "real" part of this video? If someone has a gun pointed to your face you don't do that unless it's a war situation and you know for sure that he'll pull the trigger.

asicom12 Very nice. Its locking good.

GDaisuke I wish this was step by step tutorial.

Bruce Wayne nice choreography. is it krav maga? 

Welcome back to the second part of Martial Arts Club in Hong Kong where Wei Shen shows his skills. Enjoy!

Welcome to 3D Fights. A new series by KNP Web. Watch this new video as Wei Shen fights at Martial Club with others who think that can beat him. Enjoy part 1. :) Like for more.

Welcome to 3D Fights. A new series by KNP Web. Watch this new video as Wei Shen fights at Martial Club with others who think that can beat him. Enjoy part 1. :) Like for more.


1misticalangel Dam dat was awesome

HipHopHead187 It's a street fight but it's not martial arts, it's clearly professional boxing. Look at his stance & his punches.

Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo, travels to Kota Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia to train with Sifu Kenneth, and expert in Wing Chun and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. C…

clearcombat I saw one of your vids on Bokator and how it is more than Muay Thai because it is a complete system which includes some grappling. Do you think that opening a school or training center would do well in the states?

brooklynmonk1 Of course you could maim someone. it happens all the time. people get permanently injured from submissions, head kicks, leg kicks....if the referee stops the fight, you won. so it is not true that the rules somehow prevent you from using your techniques.

ChamorruWarrior Wingchun is very good, the main problem I've seen with it is that the people just don't ever apply it in any kind of real sparring. I have Bruce Lee's book called "Bruce Lee's fighting method" he created with his friends with pictures and stuff, most of his style is wingchun, I mean obviously there's more to it and he stressed don't get stuck in ONE style, but his personal style was very much based in wingchun in terms of physical movements and fight theory etc. It's helped my boxing too! =)

brooklynmonk1 First off, the people who hide behind the maiming and killing properties of their arts as reasons why they can't fight have generally NEVER maimed or killed anyone, so don't know if they can do it in a fight. next, you would be allowed to maim or kill someone in an MMA fight. there is no rule against maiming or killing. if you almost kill the guy, the ref will stop the fight, but you will have won and your point would be proven.

brooklynmonk1 I went on to have 9 pro MMA fights, with only one loss. Now, i have taken a year off of fighting, because I am teaching business at a university in China. I hope to fight again in 2013.

Female fights in male division of martial arts competition

joleghost joli juji gatame.c'est bien ce genres de videos, car bcp de personnes sous estime les femmes et notament leur technique/puissance de combat. un combatant est un combatant, et il y a bcp de femmes sur terre qui peuvent aisement vaincre un homme en combat.d'ailleur la technicité est plus efficace que la force, meme si la force a sont importance.merci pour la video, en tant que debutant en jujitsu, ca fait plaisir a regarder :)

klownnection Salsvedro Dawi C'est tres propre ce qu'elle fait .Elle controle bien , il aurait pu avoir tres tres mal voir pire .

joleghost c'est clair, en plus on l'a pas vu arriver.bravo a elle.

dm_521a92c45acc8 La honte Le gars est ridicule C'est totalement pitoyable

sixstrings209 All these guys fucking suck. 

Kristopher Williams 3:04 619 setup lol

Tiger Chang 2:58 i love it the kick was nice 

Georgiaftw best 4:22 nice spinning liver kick, Bas Rutten would approve that :D

kou khang BJJ fighting videos Muay Thai round house kick 2:53

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