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Martial Arts / Street Fight 2 (real)

Real live fights where they use martial arts to gain the advantage.

T Finn This is a disgrace to people who actually train martial arts. 90% of these aren't doing anything more than throwing haymakers and failed grapple attempts. 

Martial Arts Motivation. Original Jeet Kune Do (Scientific Street Fighting, JKD), Kickboxing, and others. Music: iNexus – Immortal Location: Bielefeld , Lage (Lippe) , Detmold Additional…

أنس المغربي stop strying to be like bruce lee..even bruce said:"Be You" .So every one has his specials and no one can be bruce lee . 

Neil A I see u like doing a lot of wingchun. I'm a 1st degree Black belt I TKD and I love the martial arts in general. Keep it up :D

Street Kune Do Amazing Inspiration! well done please more vids

akamenko.celler@gmail.com yes very good.....