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En Hommage à toute la jeunesse qui vit dans les Ghettos
Tournée dans l’une des plus dangereuses banlieues de l’Afrique de l’Ouest appelé AKPAKPA PLAKONDI (Cotonou-Benin)

Watching now Ariel Helwani Exclusive Talks on the death of Kimbo Slice.

Ariel Helwani On ESPN Talks UFC Return & Kimbo Slice R.I.P.

jhvdr RIP Kimbo... And welcome back Ariel ! UFC should acknowledge they would be nothing without the Press, the Fighters and, first of all, the FANS. UFC will have to take care of what WE want. i.e. no Reebok. And Stitchman back. Or we'll go back to streaming...