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These two guys beat the living crap out of eachtother !

M mihan parast the title should be girly fight ;)

evan steeves Haha nice life

KRISTIAN DIMOV you call this a fight fuking idiats

twf2000 Girl in the daisy dukes is fine as fuck.

ToXiicBrahh 3 quater pants with socks and sandles, u da man

All too often, the collision of immaturity, ego, alcohol consumption and a generous helping of douchebaggery results in a prolonged street fight…and Lukas Haas was not one to turn away. Gentleman, knock yourselves out.

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Deeziak Cheap ass God Damn cellphone video's!!! (Glichie & Grainy) Be ashamed camera man!!

Deeziak Be ASHAMED camera man

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lovelybudi so wonderful ;) anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ..

Liam Simpson this is the farthest you could possibly get from a streetfight...

A bunch of crazy hardcore street fights!

Greekgod300 3:03 = Niggas high on crack

GrillinMahToast ahahaha that guy got beat up by a fat bitch

tutorialkid33 man that white chick fight was fucking awesome xD

goog le ya know...the talk about Martial Law coming to this country...startin to make some sense. Folks acting like this.

Kwaka Rider 2:55 fuking black cunts fighting in front of their kids,,, enough said.

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Dramity Ho.. shut the.. fuck.. up

edward calderon " Look at that eye. DAMMNN! " lol

Eric Diavolo Ironicly its from HQ Fights....

Sean Jones *chief keef voice* now I got blood on my Louie lofers

Roy Hughes Knowing you lost and you should stop, but you don't because your ego is hurt and you won't let it go....... That my friends is called pride, and pride will get you killed.

Round 1

Jimmy A Smith WOW - These girls do a lot of damage to each other

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kevinaldo06 mdr bim..ouhhhh

Rollie Robles That's what happens when you wear a shirt that doubles as a dress.