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Witnesses used their cell phones to record a fight between two teenage girls that started when they stepped off the school bus in New Mexico.

dm_5208eb9f9ed2e First rule in street fights is that you take your shirt off. Not to look goot or to try to intimidate but so the other guy can't rag doll you or pull it over your head.If the other bleached blond guy knew anything about really fighting he would have used Ralek's hirt to his advantage since it looked like it was already almsot hendering his vision and over his head in some parts of the fight already.Just ask MMA fighter Roger Huerta about taking your shirt off before a street fight. He's had a few. There's a video on YouTube where he talks about what to do in a street fight. along with the shirt that you need to get rid of, he also talks about head butts (doig a head butt properly) among other things. Good info. Don't know th eback story on this video but obviously the blond kid had challenged Ralek. IMO Ralek took it too easy on him. Aside form not putting him to sleepwhihc I'm sure Rickson would have done when he was their age, Ralek could have POUNDED him with knees tot eh face and hammer fists and quite a lot.Looked like he was just taking it easy and basically only using BJJ. I've met Ralek beforwe at siminair and the dude really seems so chill and laid back and a really nice guy too. Certainly knows his shit now, for SURE. Hate tha h's on the Ronda Rousey train now. Other than that, he's a straight up classy guy.

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Still don’t understand why kids are still fighting in school over the smallest things.

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DJ2RUD3 Another reason why people don't like to intervene.

ladeewiles the hell his ass should of get fired . He had no right to put his hands on a student that way and throw her. And on top of that he calls her a nigger and the prinicipal at that school is a dumb ass .He needs to sit his fat ass down 

Amari Styles Everybody leaving comments on this picture is some racist white people shut the fuck up! It wasnt right he threw her and called her nigga. He should have gotten fired. Not sent home. And if you listen closey, the white girl started it first in class so sit your asses down and stop being racist! 

Robert Webster OMG really. Woooow!!! When a fight broke out at school when I went, the coaches would throw them against a locker or wall if they didn't break it up. Parents didn't say anything then. That's why kids are so bad now and getting shot or doing the shooting. Their taking away all the discipline. It was so much better back then because every child had respect for everybody in the town. If they didn't they'd get their butt whooped. Now days you can't even yell at them with out the parents trying to fight. They broke it up she went back for more and the teacher did what he had to do to end it for good. I saw nothing wrong with that.

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Power was knocked out to over 300 National Grid customers after power transformers caused manhole covers to explode in parts of Salem’s commercial district.

Tried to upload some none old ass crusty videos Dudes getting Knocked out or their asses beat etc.

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