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I usually dont go to clubs, but I was here to film some live performances, and this broke out. and i never understood why people crowd around so close to the…

SweetieLaughAlot Weave on da wall doe lmao

hondas011 what the fuck are those bouncers doing working there if they will not even break up a fight. thats what the get paid for an they stand back an watch like some pussie

mstweety1000 security call du police,,really

Nermin Sabic 2:19 like a BOSS !

Cj M was this in K Town?

Pusha T opens up his performance at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival with “I Don’t Like” b/w “Grindin’.”

MegaHobo Joe LOL @JEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CoffeeRoomNews Nice black screen most of the video (night shoot)

CoffeeRoomNews And who is the bald head guy?

meshamamin Thanks for the clip but what happened ?

Juniel70 Anyone wiht the full story what happend here?

More great videos at…

Here’s the link to the song:

JEx42xMONKEYBOY facebook bekame makin maaaaaad problems


Samuel Moraes ohhh shit, hrere in brazil dey fucking shoot this niggas ,no hands,just ak47´s

Nooney28 throw this on worldstar fighter number 1 baby!!!

100timessquare What hood is this?

What may become a series spoof.

Barney – Louis (The Princess and the Frog)
Michael – Mowgli (The Jungle Book)
Amy – Wendy (Peter Pan)
Tina – Agnes (Despicable Me)
Luci – Margo (Despicable Me)
Jason – Fernando (Rio)
Adam – Baljeet (Phineas & Ferb)
Mom – Dunlop (Curious George)

For the second time in a week a backyard burglar struck.  This time he was caught on camera by a northeast Albuquerque family as the crook was stealing their patio furniture.

Backyard MMA fight between Jordan Smith and Lamoni Barlow. Fight ends with submission after heavy ground and pound. Link to Rematch:…

rhallwarcraft dont punch in the back you can paralise him

brawlparis a good fight

daniel cardenas Nice fight finally no people jumpin nice clean fight

Zach Vaught Learned from your mum

jedidiah marin Jose stfu good amateur fight

j4v619 This is the biggest backyard lol

huddybudy fights Where's this at

fawkDAbirds808 How you gon fight with yo sisters jeans on bro 0_o

andrew881000 ive got to say this was a pretty damn good fight and pretty damn good video quality except for the camera man needs to learn how to record the fight not dirt

Vahxy Dzn who got the broken nose

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akshatwarm where dis happened ?