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Good fight between two college chicks. The short girl is sexy but also pretty darn tough.

roderick roberts BAM! bitch went down.

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Cocktail waitress and single mother Samantha Rogers (Jeanette Roxborough) will do whatever it takes to provide for her daughter. And her one chance at security comes when down-and-out fight promoter Sonny Cool (Martin Kove, Karate Kid) introduces Sam to the dangerous and illegal world of high-stakes all-female bare knuckle fighting. Shell face the fight of her life when she climbs into the ring where there is no room for weakness and no mercy for the loser. Inspired by a true story, this tale of guts and determination is a guaranteed knockout.

Jimmy A Smith Jeanette Roxborough is sexy!

More chicks, more fighting. What’s with these angry girls always fighting? Who knows but we seem to like it.

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Very hard chick fight! 2 black girls, very hard! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! FEEL FREE TO COMMENT! LIKE! HAVE FUN! Fight et clash tres hard entre 2 filles black! ABONN…

KnightKillerZoom these stupid teens these days go to fucking school and get some education 

JimmiSez how many times can one person say mutherfuckin in 20 seconds. Who was her English teacher?!!

JimmiSez and black chicks wonder why black men go for white women ... listen to dat mouf!

tye mallegni They all go after the hail

2007godchild hahahaha..

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Hamfam2010 How come every time the unpopular girl is winning, they say "let her get up"?

Star Rush Either way the girl in black shirt lost the anyways if you fall down in a girl fight you lost 

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Tim M Savages!

Cobralion Et voilà le boulot : une patate et c'est fini !

milk-shak Kimbo l'invincible ne l'est plus !

galeriano13 maitriser le kimbo !!! pourkoi?? normal.. lol.. immobilisation !! y bouge il le tord.. lol

Fullpower91 - ct pa son jour à kimbo on dirai ^^ -

stephane buccione Il l'a kan meme bien amoché!!

julii3n-91 On peut pa faire grand chose contre un etranglement surtt qu'il est bien en appuie l'autre

Best Quality and Best Video Kimbo Slice fight Please subscribe to our channel make kimbo slice gets knocked out in 14 seconds kimbo slice street fights monta…

Ridz Rooney I can beat these two kids within 3s...

BeijingBrothers You are the best kimbo slice hope you write back

Andrew Louis Masvidal dude with the ponytail fughts in the ufc now look him up

jeanqbxx Ray needs to work on his cardio.

Snoopy J Kimbo u dissapoint me Man U be beasting here but in UFC u get knocked the fuck out

Best Quality and Best Video Kimbo Slice fight Please subscribe to our channel make kimbo slice gets knocked out in 14 seconds kimbo slice street fights monta…

Weedus2 Well i not wanna know how much of "Big Macs" Brain Cells died on this Day ;)

Weedus2 Lol they not realy take care about the enviroment they fight or? Alot of Metal Tools and Stuff in the Background..Pointy Boat Parts...Concrete Ground... Would be alot safer to fight on softer soil Btw this Afropuff is no real Brawler or??

blood7606 ?..?

blood7606 Watch My fight. Westside Mafia bloods vs. Rollin tweaky ckrabs