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ghetto street fight hood fight girl vs girl fight.

Ciara Miss IN THE HOOD WE THROW PUCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel Dunst So did they ever fight ? Or nah ?

Sigure Rangiku Where's part 2?

Doveyon Walker Were the next part

Ana pagan this shit was just a waste of time -_______-

ça c’est du videur !!!

aptiste Duf oh oh !!!!!

shaun knocked the F**K out!!!!

duran77 la fievre du samedi soir.....

missvik putain comme il te la etaler ji crois pas truc de ouf

FonzJah Team 2 masses 1 coup, 1 dodo

Diesel9408 Xpdr quel charlot lui il veut faire les chauds avec sa droite mais il encaisse meme pas cette chévre bien fait

Ali Il c'est fait frappé par 2prsn ossi, le 1er coup du black lui a rien fait mais le 2em de son colegue le gros avec la chemise en carreau l'a envoyer droit au pays des songes...

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l3ad-l3oy lol excellent ! :d

deathcabber nan moi ce qui m'impressionne c'est surtout la meuf qui etait a ses cotés au debut, qui s'arrrache rapidement une fois le mec a terre..

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hector jesus Santamaria no saben pelear y ademas lo hacen en ventaja, sean hombres y que se den un tiro como los hombres.

Glen Crotts Get your own fuckin videos addin old shit thats already on here 

jdbankshot if i see that it's posted 2 weeks ago, how can i not think that it's new? we've all seen these fights on other uploads, with better quality. fuckin' idiot.

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bruce wayne number 6 is the knockout game. if you think some random on the bus touched his sister you re retarded. its funny how they think its funny too, oh and when he asked him are you just gunna talk or hit him, another proof this was a senseless act of violence. 

Donta'e Mcmillion Wats the name of that movie

Collin Duff I'm pretty sure someone should've gone to jail because of 21.

STL Cardinal All i see r a lot of wanna be tough guys



BuBBaJ978 He cant even scrap!!! Hahaha damn niggas and their like for fat ugly white women

bly young better sdfu

sakootakoo All for a 400 pound white girl....Nigggggggggerrrrr

Michael Temperato First fight was who can hang their pants lower. After the judges couldn't decide who had more swag, they had to fight with fists.

faith collins you must been looking at my profile pic hard you fucking faggot. go fuck yo hill-billy cousins and sisters trailer park trash

WARNING: some veiwer may find this graphic crazy fight i seen down town , guy knocks two guys out but i counted the stomp as another one! crazy skinny kid ju…

Jason Wong Am I bad at math or were there only two guys getting knocked out?

Pepper Montelongo Hahaha he jump stomped dudes head

miguel a rodriguez thatsn the way 2 do it bro!!