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Jazz singer China Moses gears up to hit the road to promote her fifth studio album ‘Crazy Blues.’ (Nov. 29)

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GRUMPS I beleive they are drunk......

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سُفيَان م سعد fight it's easy the first one who make the first kock won the fight generally 85 % of people are down

adrian popescu that last kid would have eaten him 

Stevo Robb Drinking game. Take a shot of vodka every time you hear a black man call another black man a nigger.

koldUMkilla 6:16 pussy cheap shot coward

MikebonesOC Cheap shot ass nigga, I would bust ur ass homie!

Death Adder This blows Star Wars out of the water. for full video
Some ghetto girls fight at a amusement for no reason

ecdc13 black peolpe should be kept in cages

snooptom too late the cops XD.. like ever

Ray-Ray BelieveIt Dats black ppl for ayo. Always owin they color's SMFH........

Tuesday ashtray day ——————— #3 Ghetto Fight ———————- Facebook: Catch us for daily links to ghetto fights. h…

Faith Coleridge oh the sad, sad, life of a mudshark.

catara goodwin Girl in the yellow shorts got hands

MsHaha456 "look at this nigga ! like he actually about to do some stuff, mhm mhm" that camera girl is HILARIOUS !!!!!

Kabrianna White Lol that wasn't fair at all 

Paris Hilton, boyfriend Cy Waits and Brooke Miller show up at Coco de Ville just in time to witness the best club fight we’ve ever seen. Actually, it’s not so much of a fight as the drunken guest was pretty much restrained when he wasn’t being tossed into the curb. Hilarious!!!

mybites23 guy:shoot bitch camera man: shoot who? i gotta go. . . i got church tomorrow!! man classic!!! lol

Gregory Boatswain Does the cameraman have any thumbs?

cnaficy never saw this shit on worldstar

Adam Peña Crickets

Blade Zero Bitch have you heard of a comma?