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Aleia Le'Gare That fight was weird! They fight then everyone just goes about their business? The girls didn't even seem mad at eachother after they fought. This is not worldstar!

kinkykisssp "We bout to go back to yhr the shelter and shoot this video" wtf??!!

Jamyus Penn r u gay tim keith

Pamela Cle what is this shit

Ashante Ricks This is not world star hip hop cuz this was whaaaaack ! Even my 6 yr old cousin fight better .. Like yu serious ? Stawp thinking yu hard but yu not

Figth “fight” “fights” “fighting” “fight today” “fight this week” “new fights” “best fights” “top fights” “street fight” “street fights” “street fighting” “s…

Jayy Brooks Dat damn camera boy need to SHUT DA FUCK UP WIT HIS UGLY CORNY ASS

Ashley Fermin Word y u talking to much and not video tapering like shut the fuck up nigga black niggas

Stevie Curry The decline of mankind!

Veronica4u2day animals

Victor Myrie Man y'all niggas weak as fuk how bout I cum ova there wit sum real hoes n nigga that will fight y'all picking on ppl y'all kno she didn't want to fight but hit me up if y'all want tha shit specially Alexis I got a bitch for u n any Otha bitch or niggaz hit me up if u really for sum shit 972-803-7591 choppa iz me nigga weak ass hoes n niggaz

Corrected and extended.

loveelybabi07 Why are you wasting your talent on dailymotion? :)) anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? heh

Lolo Jones is used to being in trouble, but her latest move is reportedly a violent one here's the scoop.


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love to see blk women fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no body in my uploads is hurt ,this video would not be allowed on youtube…

Gary Moody What a bunch of idiots. Nice color comments..."DAMN!"

omitch people like to see blk women fight.....these videos get 1000s of views are watching those idiots

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BruiserKnux The mud people LOVE throwing shots from behind OR jumping someone 3-4 on 1. Fair fights, not so much.

soul Robin suk mah so kalled nigger dik hoe

bbbbiiiittttcccchhh6 straight bitch niggas

Jay Dotson shut ur redneck ass up damn crackers get on my nerves

johnathan smith your race do this stupid shit 2 ,so stfu

Forsaken Ethos 0:50 Typical, Niggers can't fight, and when they are losing other Niggers ALWAYS stop it, but if the Nigger was beating the White guy the fight would go on.

Ohio aka O-Hydro.

bellathemutt Disgusting behavior by disgusting people

zvolencan77 Female Coons are the ugliest,most nasty,disgusting creatures ever.When they open their mouths it makes me wanna pull out AK47 and just shoot them quiet.

Elias Uchiha 05:50 nice boobs...

George Hill Check out this video on YouTube:

CrY0Fr0sT Wow, how many videos did you see here that were 1on1? Fuckin jokers.