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BLOOD AND BONE :Michael Jai White & kimbo slice& bob sapp

Inoffensif Un film qui va sortir?



Adebisi9 Il a pris du muscle Jai white o o

bjer ouyyyy , pas mal sa

Combat chez les poids lourds (heavyweight) entre Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo Slice) et Shane Tilyard tenu au Entertainment Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australie le 30 janvier 2013.

UFC Kimbo Slice vs Tay Bledsoe 2nd Boxing Match.

cyril chukwudi the dude last the fight before it started.....he got scared of kimbo

Sycothic Wulf This kid could of defeated kimbo like nothing if he just stop aiming for head shots cuz kimbo is all power in order to beat kimbo is to beat the shit out his stomach then aim for his ribs then go for face then ko cuz he ll have no power shots after all that bruis in his ab area

Russell Hart move tay!

Freeman Mays damn other guys small ass hell tho

Paul P kimbos a righty, guy should have been moving away from kimbos 1 punch ko power, and kimbo drops his head when you punch him, should have threw in uppercuts to him. 

kimbo Slice Knock out Tank Abbott Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott.

edswartzify more game then wildliffe reserve bahahaha awsome

Acke TSG 6:10 fight starts

Chris Saavedra Hahahah

Chris Lowe if Kimbo found his way back to the UFC, you'd see the other heavyweights do that to him.

Best Quality and Best Video Kimbo Slice fight Please subscribe to our channel make kimbo slice gets knocked out in 14 seconds kimbo slice street fights monta…

LUIGAUZUKI That was a bullshit knockout, work on your cardio

KontryBoy706 Kimbo needs to learn how to jab, how to move, better defense, and improve his cardio he would be probably unstoppable then

Sidney Davis If he wasn't fighting a fat out of shape guy he would of lost first round.hell the fat out of shape almost took him out

Dlive2005 Bitch hit

C’est l’histoire d’un honnete Karateka qui se fait agresser par un gang et qui arrive a calmer la situation avant même l’arrivé des forces de l’ordre. Cela ce passe dans les années 70 ou 80 aux Etats-unis.

oODucOo euh C'est une mise en scène et ça se voit.

Béret Vert peut étre, j'en sais rien, en tout cas c'est marrant!!!

Instagram @soniccamaro @taf_racing homies got into it and well just watch the video.. nigga got hit in the face and said blood my stomach hurt lmmfao dammn.

Sean Bryan I wish Africans would come over an straighten those gang bangers up! Oops they just did.

T Houston Thats the "future of our generation in america". Bunch of wanna be's tryna act tough, and then jumpin somebody. 7 vs 1.

dshady84 If any one always try to jump someone its mexicans

Keenan Washington lol his name is johnny

tranieli lol okkkk...shows what kind of idiot you are...who's shooting who everyday?? must be all the white gangs runnin around. Mind your business.