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These two guys having a real disagreement… They’re fighting but slowly AHAHA


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Street Fighter’s Ryu tests his skills against Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion! Who would win in a fight? We want you to decide! It’s Hadouken vs Chained Kunai in the 2nd episode of Ultimate Fan Fights!

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James Mark ( Team2X ) –
Yung Lee ( GakAttack ) –

Director – Chris Mark

Producer — Jon Ho
Producer — James Mark
Producer — Yung Lee ( GakAttack )
Producer — Avery Chan
Executive Producer – Grant Thompson
Executive Producer – Bernard Ho
Associate Producer — Mark Boucher

Cinematographer — Justin Lovell []
Editor – Maxwell Atwood
Scorpion Costume Designer — Jenn Woodall
Ryu Costume Designer – Deanna Sciortino

Production Manager — Avery Chan
AD — Mark Boucher
2nd AD — Tess Hamilton

VFX Supervisor / Creative Director / Lead VFX — Yung Lee ( GakAttack )
3D Artist – Tom Antos
Roto & Paint Artist: Mike Wu
Roto Artist: Lukasz Antos
Digital Imaging Technician — Jason Gosbee
Transcoding — Alex Boothby

Camera Operator – Michael Heathcote
1st AC — Jamie Shaw
2nd AC — Robert Clarke

Gaffer — Tim Vinsenti
Key Grip — Quillan Docherty

Make Up — Kat Crisp
Wardrobe — Deanna Sciortino
Behind the scenes — Maxwell Atwood

Sound Design – Dan Pugsley
Sound Mixer – Nathaniel Lingard

PA — Byron Chaitrakool
PA — Marco Iaboni
PA — Ellis Chen
PA — Paul Parillo
PA — Alex Panavas

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Romain bien fait lol! Trop des loosers ces mecs!

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Dick Head how is this a fukin fight

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therealjesse420 Worst fight ever. Pussy ass motherfuckers

youngmicheal23 Is this a real fight or was yall just playin, cuz if this is real then yall sorry

ike32g This is a joke-__-

Tai jitsu Ryu Maubeuge present real street fights including martial art techniques.

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setteisole what I cannot believe is how many people fight although is not able to

Charles Lolohea Shit fight.

redchameleon the asian guy quickly take his bag and ran away.

321deemo123 Anyone else notice the ring card girls from about 1:01 onwards? LOL

joe blow thought it was 2 guys fighting.....I only see 2 girls

Fijian Fight (Suva City Fiji Island)

Hazuuur lol i like animal fights xD

TheWeezy005 ghetto

MetalBuffalos Lol at the first punch thrown, i knew this guy was gonna get beat

David Archer Good lad stood ya ground

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BBAFAN001 that could of been a good fight. Fucking uglyass annoying kid with the video seriously needed to get knocked the fuck out!

Bobby Dazzler wow, what that 3 v3? why were they fighting? how old were they?

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