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Video Uploaded by User Segro Syla

Weeks after officers with shields and body armor confiscated nearly 140 cellphones from Hays State Prison, a video began circulating online of an inmate capt…

marythejain Niggers

lisa johnson fucking negros typical and they sound like hey speaking a foriegn language if we sent um bk we could shut down 40% of us prisons

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Across the United States, violent crime in prison is an everyday reality, with inmates routinely exposed to assault, riot, rape and murder. Gladiator Days: A…

Good news, she didn’t spill her beer and only 6 broken bones.

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iyel_bey I hope she's ok.

iyel_bey She did spill her beer. You can see it on the chair below her at the end of the video. And as for the other two comments, No thanks Jane. I don't need any of your porn and I don't need to visit your virus infected website to be blessed.

LuckyJoestar They do know that awnings aren’t made to hold the weight of an adult human, right? After all, their only purpose is to keep sunlight out of windows. Thankfully, drunk people are more likely to endure falls without serious injury. (This one Russian guy, after downing three bottles of vodka, jumped out his fifth-floor kitchen window, then got up and did it a second time, surviving that fall too.)

Surehy Breter Whow. This video is really controversial.

Will Yablome This little (blank) needs to be (blanked) hard in the (blank).

This girl picks a fight with a cheerleader and at first appears to be winning until the cheerleader kicks her off the top of the bleachers.

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The city gives Captain Euchre an award for his brave service, in the face of his Arch Nemesis. The single worst day of his life.

This chick got knocked the FUCK out! A good clean punch to the dinger and she’s out like a light.

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Chicks fighting is kinda hot.. In the way that you like to have sex after fighting with your sig. other.

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Edit ThiazVidsMany movies and songs about Los Angeles depict the notion that the city is home to a large number of gangsters and professional criminals Accor…