Crazy Amazing RIOT at Boxing Fight Like Street Brawl Punch Kick Knockout

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Close Crazy Amazing RIOT at Boxing Fight Like Street Brawl Punch Kick Knockout.


tech4156 says:

I remember this golotta was a fucking prick, he started the riot. 2nd time
he did this in his career.

Zahi Farah says:

@CollaboMAAB lol retard.

Alex Vang says:

@ceecobeehan haha you havent even seen the whole fight. the reason they
jumped in because that russian guy was hitting under the belt the whole
entire fight and that was the reason why his corner came out and did what
they did.

TheKTSHProductions says:

How is saying cracks offensive obviously nigger or monkey offends u and
this video is dumb those stupid black people jumped just like usual of
monkeys can’t fight alone hah…………. Niggers. Bitch guys

PatBProductions says:

this is a fucking disgrace to boxing!! and everybody wonders why mma’s
taking over shit….can’t even have a match without everybody flipping out
and throwing hands. I never thought I’d see Klitchsko get smacked with a
phone lol

smacksam says:

what a bunch of nigger and cracker motherfuckers assholes fuckers

Ante Fredrager says:

0:12 is dat ice cube????

rotche oliverio says:

where is your sportsmanship argentina..?you gave disgrace to your

Jommer De Luna says:

I think that people want to RIOT basic as killer boxing! Lol!

MrSouthphillyitalian says:

Give me a break, stop trying to sound intelligent. You are no better than
anyone else

boynetas says:

like always monkeys dont know how to lose

digitalrazorbladez says:

your obviously not intelligent or better than shit, so shut the fuck up

kevin anderson says:

@shiacane he got punched in the nuts u dickhead cock sucker

fastballonly says:

Yeah!!! Throw in the fucking chairs!!

Chyrnobil says:

@mohammedator so hitting below the belt makes niggers riot? isn’t just like
when a basketball team wins.. niggers riot? weird isn’t it?

johnnyboydc1394 says:

@digitalrazorbladez how about you shut up?

Bryan Reaper says:

I didnt know ric flair was in boxing

dread668 says:

crackers and spics cant handle the black man in a fist fight.I seen them
get knocked out way to much.Stick to ya gunns fool.

Chris Ozuna says:

Black people win in almost everything except for the bitch sports

kingjosh345 says:

thers no need to be racist u bunch of prats. i live in england and i see
loads of white ppl starting on blacks and suckerpunching others if they
were to lose a fight and no one gets racist to them. and anyways, the black
guy got hit in the nuts just in case u fools couldnt see his hand over his

budfr says:

Gorillas belong in the zoo.

MrSouthphillyitalian says:

you are racist as well for replying to say something negative

jabmalassie says:

foul pole lol


Crazy fight boing look like a fights in a box!!!

eluidejacksonful says:

fuck all yu puss ass crakas and yall fuck ass comments…..haha and we win
at that 2 bitch

Sebastian Hagelin says:

its okay niggars dont have cock or nuts

DCxOnline says:

Ow my eyes

digitalrazorbladez says:

no..i was just being sarcasric really. i love this thing on youtube where
now your a “troll” (ugh) or “negative” because you have a damn OPINION
about somthing and dare to voice it. gimmie a fucken break

Pupapo Giuseppe says:

seizure alert

colderbeer says:

@CollaboMAAB Why all the hate? Why all the anger?

Christopher Aguilar says:

Niggers Get Mad Cus There Ppl Lose Smh.

PunjabiGabhru1 says:

Revenge of Racism !!!!

eluidejacksonful says:

crakas get mad cuz niggaz woop they ass

smacksam says:

What a bunch of asshole motherfuckers!!! FUCK ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

MrHamanio says:

HAHAHA sore loosers

harlequin75 says:

This incident was humorous on many levels.

digitalrazorbladez says:

@owner12 yeah yeah yeah monkeys, niggers, whatever. what an original racist
comment on a clip like this. you piece of shit

Eric Height says:

yeah, if i was mad i would go and hit a proffesional boxer too lol

milackk7 says:

They should be cited for attempted murder.

Ion McKinney says:

Boxing You Are FIRED!!! Game Over!!!

youtub3r5651 says:

@bhensy youre joking right………. pacquiao and mayweather arent white….

machia96 says:

@CollaboMAAB You’re just another racist, internet tough guy

umaximus says:

A man almost lost his life in the ring and all these nigo could do was
start up the fist throwing again

anthonycotto48 says:

dude you should probably get a new tv

82guerrero says:

All I seen where cracker and NIggers in there and spics are Cubans and
puerto ricans if your going to talk shit about some ones races makes sure
the put down goes with them stupid niGGer stop swings from tree to tree get
a books and niggers is whats wrong in this country bitch and cry all day

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