Crazy Street Fight Fastest Knockout Ever

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Crazy Street Fight Fastest Knockout At all Crazy Street Fight Fastest Knockout At all Crazy Street Fight Fastest Knockout At all Crazy Street Fight Fastest K…


werdCanada says:

cops aint got shit on forest….

emanreborn2012 says:

He’s outrunning the cops while wearing flip flops lol hahaha

RapidProgram says:

here if the police sees me fighting they will just stop the fight and I can
go :p and then look for another spot to fight

Diabolous3x says:

coward puncher

guilherme Cavalcante says:

from brazil…

Maick Gomez says:

run bitch ahahaha

SiamHomeSource says:

Was this filmed in Beverly Hills?

guystoners says:

what a lousy fighter but the other guy was even worse

mat lewis says:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh damn need a doctor

Medi Breezy says:


Jason Kreitner says:

Doesn’t actually look like a fight. It looks like some punk king-hitting a
dude who clearly didn’t want to fight.

Real Life Mike P. says:

He put those Adidas slide ins back on and high stepped on the cops!

Buck Lou says:


emdad rahman says:

Run! Hahah

jean-luc Mutabazi says:

WTF, was that last punch filled off?!?

boby bas says:


Emmanuel Balderrama says:

0:31 he had to fix his slide lol

Ham Vs Man says:

i have seen faster….. i went to japan karatedo (which is karate fighting)
world championship 2013 and a canadian guy first punch first round at the
2nd second BAM! down to the ground and broke the helmet

Crystal Davis says:

Hahhaah I love how he ran when the police came tho

Sx714xA says:

run like a bitch

zendaya95 says:

Lol damn!!!!

jaydw1992 says:

they have to be the slowest set of cops i’ve seen.

Tikesh Havarti says:

Why is he running, it’s self def.

rattymcrat99 says:

i didn’t know you could tear your ACL getting punched in the face

Jjay Kurulay says:

Lol the. End

david pineda says:

jajaj que paso con los policias haci no agarran a nadien mas lentoss..

jose minier says:

Que es lo que le pasa a estos estúpidos ??

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