Best Street Fight Knockouts Compilation

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caddyman07 says:

Yeah, bitch made men continue to hit a man after he is clearly out for the
count. What’s even MORE bitch made tho is the big ass banner taking up the
fight channels videos. Who is the fool who came up with that so I can knock
HIM out?!

WellzTheDude says:

Dude why does everybody snake that sucker punch in instead of squaring up?
So weak

Juan Rios says:

Thumbs down because of the border. I agree. Great footage, but the logo
kills it. 

rastafaribro881 says:

Your icons in the corner man, why the border? Doesnt make much sense

orytey2 says:

Full screen ass snake

chase holstein says:

how you gonna take up most of ythe screen wit yo damn logo…I wanna see
fights damn it n ot fuckin logos

Tasoulis EMINƎM says:

fuck this word ”nigga”

Kyle Preston says:

People talk far too much. If you know you’re going to end up in an
altercation with this person; you fucking hit them as hard as you can, as
fast as you can and don’t stop til they stop moving. I dont understand why
they stand around talking about how they are going to fuck the other person

jifsmith1 says:

Full screen or fuk off

Steven Wells says:

Any body else think the border is pointless we get it your channel is the
fight channel we don’t need a huge border that takea up 2/3 of the screen

Victoria Reed says:

a lot of sucker punches. ppl aren’t expecting the hits, even though they’re
in a fight situation

leeroyyks says:

Reall men never hit when down just pussys do that 

Sleepy Prince says:

The first fight the black dude kinda reminds me of r-truth of wwe

kingjor09 says:

I understand self advertising but at least make the film border bigger

Benswan187 says:

This video is fucking shit! 

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