Mom fights back against home invaders on Detroit’s west side

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Mom fights back against home invaders on Detroit’s west side.


OperationDx1 says:

When you break into someones home in America you better be ready to die.

Capt. John's Bar says:

Hi-Point 9mm carbine….Cheap and effective….I own the .45 ACP model !

rcbif101 says:

Too bad she missed :( 

ohboyhey2k4 says:

WHAT THE FUCK MAN, he din do nothin man, he was jus playin a game man and
she gon go n kill him? Fukkin racist ass bitch.

Robert Kurtz says:

Note to NRA – Put a high-capacity “hunting rifle” w/ AR attachments in the
hands of every Black HomeOwner in America, and I’ll be satisfied (not so
sure You would be, though).

Jimmy J. Rustle says:

This is who the liberals want to disarm.

Are you proud?

Scott Hair says:

Would have been awesome if she’d killed all three. Fuck those worthless
pieces of shit. 

reformcongress says:

That gun she used is one that would be banned if the Federal Law Obama
proposed would have passed. That is either a .40, .45acp, or a 9 mm short
rifle. Generally they cost about $300 brand new. The family made the
right choice. But, I would get some practice. Next time hit them. 

onefodderunit says:

The one who went back in knowing there was a woman and children inside
definitely could be a murdering psychopath. Nice to see police getting the
job done.

Gerry Gasca says:

I guess she should have just waited for the cops to show up and catalogue
her and her children’s dead bodies after calling 911 or maybe just pump a
shotgun round out the window.

robhalfordtate says:

Defending yourself from hooded thugs? Racist!

selvin morgan says:

I cant believe he picked up his gun and went back in. What did he then plan
to do?

TheWhiteGuy82 says:

Truth: a gun control advocate’s worst nightmare.

Chanel Greer says:

Good for her!

Mom fights back against home invaders on Detroit’s west side

deshotgunner360 says:

OMG racism? Really? White people are the same as black people but your skin
is a mutation from the cold smfh

Nicholas Cage says:

Was this cop crying just before the clip they showed? His eyes are very
watery and they are red around them. White people look like that after

torch_ss says:

This is truly a sad day for America. That poor lady missed all three of
those “misunderstood youths”, (aka – slimy dirtbag sons-of-bitches).
Marksmanship in this country has just gone to hell I suppose.

Harley Rider says:

Awesome. To all the anti gun nuts, this proves guns deter crime.

Jeff from Jersey says:

You wont see THIS story in the Main Stream Lame ass Media. that’s for
sure. cuz it doesn’t fit their Anti Gun Agenda…
Congrats mom… You have the SURVIVAL GENE,. & may you pass it on to many
many children and grandchildren.. God Bless you and your family…

StrikerAC says:

Now take the rifle out of the hands of the mother–how does it end then?
All those in favor of stricter gun control laws, take a good hard look and
use that lump three feet above your behind.

Walid Zokof says:

what’s the rifle ?

John Toto says:

BUT, we are told that if WE are banned from owning guns, those thugs would
not get theirs …….. How many people believe that crap? 

Thepoliticalport says:

Mother fuckers wouldn’t have made it off my porch LMAO

Dagger Logic says:

Another good gal with a gun stopping bad guys with guns. Something gun
control suppoerters DO NOT like seeing.

rk3yb0arD says:


Dylan Schmidt says:

Everyone’s talking about the guns. What about the poverty that led these
kids to do this? If they actually had a promising future then shit like
this might not happen.

BlastedAgain says:

That weapon is orange with rust. She’s lucky it functioned when she needed

lastchip says:

this unacceptable, we cant have people knowing they can protect themselves
without government or police help, they might start learning they can be
self reliant. This woman needs to be be thrown in prison and denounced as a
racist, crazy or such. 

David Frazer says:

Holy crap! 1:37 Detroit police can’t even afford metal badges. They have to
sew them on their jackets!!

OnTheRocks says:

Feel good story of the day. Only thing that would have made it better would
be better aim on the homeowners part. Put one or two of them down since
they’ll probably just be doing the same thing in a couple years (and
probably to a less well prepared homeowner or an elderly person). 

EagleEyeM4 says:

Its not a rifle people its a pistol caliber carbine!

Daniel Paez says:

A high-point! A 9mm rifle that costs less than $200! GET THREE.

Philip Smith says:
iCombii adac says:

And thats why we should keep weapons allowed in USA!

Peter Petrakis says:

Yeah I know, I share a lot of this sort of thing, but today I want to bring
your attention to how long it took to kick in the front door. **Less than
five seconds**. These things are supposed to keep your home secure but in
instances like this, you might as well kept the door unlocked.

The reason being the door casing is maybe an inch thick and then you hollow
it out to make room for a deadbolt. Guess where the weakest link is? The
strike plate area, it just splinters.

The solution is to distribute the forces on the strike plate by reinforcing
it with 18″ length of steel, exposed or behind the door casing. Then you
take extra long screws and secure that through into the studs.

Now instead of a few seconds you get **1-2 minutes to respond**. The door
will hold long enough for you to gather your family into a safe place, set
up defenses, and call police.

If you’re lucky the commotion will attract so much attention from your
neighbors that they’ll just run and seek an easier target. You can find
kits online that do this or just build your own. All you need is the metal
and a corded power drill.

hihats says:

Amerika: we have a problem

Robby From TX says:

You mean to tell me that the Detroit PD responded within 24 hrs of the

JD Mo says:

Looks like she need to get some range time. And due some maintenance on
that rifle as it’s covered in rust.

Miguel Celestial says:

Thats a crack house they were tryna rob.

John Fowler says:

Lousy shot. She shoulda taken out a couple of them.

Sammage DaSmammage says:

But guns are unnecessary and dangerous in the hands of civilians, right
Libtards? Freaking idiots. Try to take our guns away, you will be shot. Try
to take our freedom away? You will be shot. Nobody ever kept their freedom
by discussing with people with ill-intent. 

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