bloods vs crips Ghetto Hood Fight gang fight real fight ghetto fight street fight school fight

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Carcharodon21 says:

Awwwwwww, why can’t the morons all get along.

Evan Brown says:

Why do black people fight like their arms are spaghetti?

jason de groot says:

All the tough reactions here from white dudes but no one from them in the
vid to say in right into the face of that black dudes… -_-

Elizabeth Barrus says:

Ya if u whant your home to be safe where u guys live why don’t u guys be
all feands and mack the street safer for kids to play then some one gets
killed. At the end of ower life there is one thang that is the omega and
that is god so try to get a long.

Kevin Robles says:

That guy in red shorts fight like a fag.

Esa Bani says:

i see one man got handcuff

Jonathan Bertocchi says:

Atleast its a 1 on 1

uriel delaluz says:

Are they fighting or getting along u know how black people are lol

Sian Clay says:

bitch ass people keep sayin black jokes bitch shut up say dat shit in my
face u gettin knocked out how bout I say all mexicans illegal and white
people annoying as fuk aint no one gon say it in my face

fatalbrett says:

stupids fuckers call this fighting hahaha what a joke!

ivelocityi says:


Brian Brown says:

Lmao does this dude at 00:50 have fisherman boots on

Nadster LedZep says:

The amount of times i heard the word nigga…

Peter says:

what cheap creatures are these these should be killed like Nazi did to

firescorpion1231 says:

That’s why I believe street fights in no way show superiority or skill
unless you are protect you or someone else then fine but there just
swinging close lines at each other. The best fighting is real fighting get
in a ring and fight that takes real skill against people who k ow how to

Ismail Abdul says:

Thats because they dont know how to fight. They fight like bitches

Taevon Crump says:

Tooooo many fights

The66Leadfoot says:

These are the “tough guys” we’re all supposed to be afraid of?

Joshua Curtis says:

wow….more wrist hitting and flailing than actual punches. Pathetic.

boostedassasins says:

Windmillin ass niggas! None of them have a real clue how to fight, but yet
everyone is amazed

xtremefly2000 says:

wow if only the camera nigger person had a hand grenade!

alex barmash says:

I hardly would call this a “gang fight” more like a bunch of punk kids who
wannabe gang bangers but have absolutely no fighting skills and just wildly
flail there arms around like wet noodles. If any of them stepped to someone
who knew how to fight they would get knocked out cold in punch 

sam brady says:

Wow that was really boring! 

Ferrence Ismail says:

Come on, we all know ghetto blacks and rednecks are the exact same class of
people, but did you all notice the pool of dried blood from the last

repo man says:

they all know they are niggas why do they keep saying it over and over????

NuggaStan says:

Haaaaaa NIGGERS!!!

Jay Tee says:

All yall niggas pussy and cant fight

forlornblade382 says:

Just an average day in detroit.

Santana Tresseis says:

Only say ”Nigguu” ”come on niggu” lol

0J0o0h0n0n0y0 says:

stupid fuking niggers….

trinarystarsystem says:

damn, camera steady as fuck. Like, a professional filmed it.

Jasmine Waltin says:

Why would you watch a clip with niggers in it if u can’t stand us?…Your
an idiot in my opinion L.O.L., and this goes to all the NIGGER Haters,it’s
ridiculous, I admit that some of my people are lost but you know nothing of
their life jounary…I would classify people like you a bunch of white
trash, Hillbilly, Red-necks but then that would bring me down to your
level, so I’ll stick with a bunch of foolishly ignorant people, who don’t
know any better and that can be understandable

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