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dm_5254bc8bc49b8 says:

I’m honestly a little disturbed… Watching this makes me realize we still have a long way to go in the evolution process. Those people acting like wild animals like gorillas. Seriously find a gorilla fight on Google and you can see us acting just like them. In some ways gorillas are smarter than us. I just went deep… POW

Dominique Blondel says:

all we need is love ….

Dominique Blondel says:

never fight with a jacket ,huhu

laugh Loud says:

god didnt make us this way

Anthony Eddy says:

the dude fightsr pussy shit let them try that shit wit me or my bois man if they jump me man they better kill me kuz if not ima kome bakk 21 niggas deap and someones getting fukked up

Jordan Geddes says:

what song is at the start?

thedbailey says:

great vid except for the jumping….pretty pathetic. 1 v 1 not 1 v 6? where i’m from that would earn you a bullet in the head.

chitownaztec says:


lovinggirl4 says:

Sympa :-) ;) ,…..

CutiePieXXX says:

=(= very kewl

XHotGirlHotX says:

oö unbelievable kewl

Mr_Country says:

This video is quit impressive…except for for the gang beats… I think thats pathetic. If you have a friend who is in a fight with another person just let them fight it out! don’t jump into it the first chance you get! Anyone who gang beats a person is a pussy and should accept the fact that your friend will lose the fight. Maybe if people wouldn’t run their mouths so much then they wouldn’t have their ass’s kicked. if you get yourself into a situation where you haven’t the choice but to fight, don’t rely on other people to end it for you. If you do that then your a bitch, and shouldn’t be fighting in the first place…but other than that sick fucking video!!

SexyChickXX says:

.a really terrific

HotNiceGirl says:

;) . really great

hockie5 says:

could someone help me who sings the first song played and what is the name of the song please help

Micheal King says:

epic video indeed. thanks for watching? No sir, thank you for uploading

angel abascal says:

dis is epic

530nativex14 says:

Good AsS Video Homi

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