[GRAPHIC] Real Street Fight in the middle of the street

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Two men fighting in the middle of the street. Things get really ugly.


druss6387 says:

Anyone else notice that the camera stops rolling when the young guy goes
down and Paddy’s on top?

3brewster says:

Paddy still standing. Top man 

woodykidd2k says:

ouucch lost a fucking ear, didn’t look like he backed down though.

druss6387 says:

Johnny Joyce is 22 years old and Paddy is 54 years old. Only a pussy ass 22
year old would fight a middle aged man

Kalle Krüppel says:

The one holding the camera is such a bitch. You’d get fucked up in a
serious place real quick. No grandpas, real motherfukkas cant wait to eat
bitches like u

TheArmy ofKids says:

Give it to it Johnny 

Christopher Mcgregor says:

give it to em

Lili Hernandez says:

What a bunch of cowards fighting an old man, still the old man stood his
ground with honor, that bigger young fella should fight my son, he would
get wrecked big time.

Arthur Banatine says:

I noticed they stopped the camera when Paddy got on top of him and gave him
a good beating.

A$1AN_$P3€1AL says:

“yeah johnny give it to him” what a faag

Latecia White says:


KiefferMagic says:

Give it to him johnny give it to him jhonny give it to him omfg shut up

tristan robinson says:

“give it to ‘em,give it to ‘em,give it to ‘em Johnny give it to ‘em…” aha

Carl Greaves says:

paddy is a better man,than the other fucking tramps

pluto fortress says:

cmon joohny givitwhim!!

uknf. jones says:

Younger guy is a pussy all lonsdale vest n crap… the older guy had v
better of him, couldnt fight way out a paper bag half of these tinkers.
watched say 50 of there fights on yt and saw say one handfull that can
actually fight proper. in-breds.

dein roberts says:

the old guy. knows how to fight” its just that.his opponent.much younger
than him. cool’

twistedsolomanboy says:

paddy is the only Gypsy ever to be evicted.

Vito Jenkins says:

You pussies tried jumping him and he still walked away. Wow.

Liam Cosgrave says:

What the camera did not show was paddy being jumped by the two of them
whilst he was out for a run . 

GameSpeeder says:

Whats johnny got to do again?

Lucas McConnell says:

What’s Johnny got to do?? Lol

Jose Mendez says:

True true a guy half his age twice his size couldn’t finish him

MrKaiGaming says:

The camera guy would have been the first logical person to beat up first

Chris Letham says:

Well done paddy , he’s was half you’re he and couldn’t finish you

josef larZon says:


EzRa WiiSH says:


CaliKouL says:

Doesn’t matter how much blood is coming out of you. As long as you are
still standing after.

Grumpy Cat says:


justin merwede says:

Give it to em Johnny. X100000000000000

josh tams says:

Give it to him

paul kenneally says:


Jose Claudio says:

I think for an older guy that went against a younger guy kind of whip the
younger guy up that big ass dude couldn’t knock his ass out . And that
camera guy talking shit while they fighting i would’ve made sure he got the
shit knocked out of his pussy ass…

Kiril Kouznetsov says:

Fuck his ear was cut God damn it ew! 

Joe Fantastic says:

come on Johnny give it to him.

Eric Patty says:

ah my people

Jesus Christ says:

His fucking ear is hanging off.

donavin williams says:

Hold onn… witch one is johnny

Ridhwan Khan says:

Gypsies….. -_-

Mickie Miles says:

You gay fucking pikey give it to him jonny
Like a pussy shouting paddy fucked him up and ya poof mate that paddy
knocked down bit his ear
U the cameraman are a complete cunt and I’d fuck u over you sound like a
little girl pussy

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