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matthew walton says:



type in scottish knife culture,this dude lucky he wasn’t game for the
stick,you see i knife where i’m from,no question he wants to plant it in
your liver´╗┐

vocho59 says:

ash… ve a ser negro a otra parte, tambien son cabronsitos los negros y
luego chillan por que se los carga KKK

balmungkai says:

That mexican isnt white you dumb fuck there brown people.

gagestep says:

That big guy had a cast on his leg! and stood up to a guy with a knife.
Black guy would of fucked him up if it wasn’t for his gimp leg

The Reginal P.Jones show says:

Yeah, there was a knife out by the time those two guys started to go at it.
Not sure of what happened prior. Was big dude, feeling himself, bump little
dude? It seems to me all those other jackasses, jumping around and
screaming like bitch ass clown groupie fucks, was maybe with big dude. So
maybe big dude was showing off a bit. I don’t know. But what if big fucker
got stabbed and died dealing with that little dude???

The Reginal P.Jones show says:

I better watch this video again…I didn’t notice a knife the first times
watching it. so let me check that out.

MrTc214 says:

does nobody watch this video?lol the beaner has a knife!! lmao and still
got his ass beat

MrTc214 says:

did u even watch the vid?lol

The Reginal P.Jones show says:

talking shit doesn’t really mean too much to me…Yeah, I would talk back
to him but nothing he could say would make me lose my soul. Not even the N
word. its like when Drunk older dudes would act a fool with me and try to
pick a fight with me cuz I was probably trying to get the guy to stop
drinking or taking his keys from him. I couldn’t let myself whip the old
man for his shit talking mouth. i would talk shit back to the dude.

killua saputra says:


Codunitable says:

Thats bullshit. I’m white, and I was happy when the white guy got beat up.
You could clearly see he was the guy who thought he was ”tough”. I was
annoyed by him the second the video started. I’m glad he got punched. Plus
knife vs broken leg?? Bullshit.

PuppetNation12 says:

…and how do you know that that little Mexican wasn’t talking mad shit
before pulling out a knife? I’d beat his too

PuppetNation12 says:

He was definitely not white… but anyways shit happens… Color or size it
doesn’t matter.

whanaublood says:

Yeah but its funny coz his legs in a cast and hes still whooping some guys
ass!! Big or small! He still getting WHOOPED.

truthhunter46 says:

This gives me hope, usually blacks fight 2 or more against 1!!!

Sin says:

What exactly happened ?

The Reginal P.Jones show says:

Well, if thats really what happened, then shit, I would want to beat his
ass really really good. I mean, put a motherfucker in the hospital type of
vengeance. Or to beat him up a bit and get the cops involved.

DocShum1 says:

Should have taken is left knee out

TKD Fogg says:

To be fair it looks like the little guy pulled a knife on the bigger guy.
Who also appears to have a broken leg.

George Robinson says:


fordf250net says:

fuck that, if survival of the fittest. if that Mexican is five foot 1 and
has a piece of rice for a dick, that’s too bad.

fordf250net says:

your profile pic makes you look like a lesbian 13 year old. Go to an mma
gym, small guys can knock out big guys… dumb bitch

Ryan Lock says:

0:52 “Yall niggas don’t know” – Fuck off.

P'ssifik Killa says:

?? Mike Tyson was half the size of most of the fighters he fought and
fucked up, what’s size got to do with anything. And the black guy is

napyhead says:

tru but he wanted to fight cuz if that was me I would just run but that
Mexican wanted to fight until he found out he was outmatched and the knife
wouldn’t work

Nick Marinko says:

Yea, Jet Li, a guy who trains his whole life to be a martial arts master.
You see that little mexican probably DIDNT KNOW any martial arts. What
would you do if a guy taller by two heads was about to break all of your
bones. Wouldnt you feel confident with taking a knife out? Dont take that
as a bitchy move. Its survival instinct. If a bear attacks you, you wont go
fist fighting him.

napyhead says:

bitch im sure u see small guys knock out big guys and he had a knife wtf
are u tlkin about. just watch jet li

napyhead says:

shut the fuck up you see that the white guy had a knife at the beginning
you just mad a white guy got beat

Nick Marinko says:

So its fair that a huge fucking nigger goes on a guy whos 2 or more heads
smaller than him. Go fuck yourself

mautsky says:

learn some basic Krav maga, even if its just very basic you would be able
to defend yourself to some degree from someone twice as your size,…little
guy has some chance to kick the nigger in the groin and finish it with cane
strike on the head or face then retreat!!!

hyperactivecalvino says:

no that was blood draining from the left side of his head. This video isn’t

Tyler Mawhirter says:

he pissed his pants lmao

rx147 says:

did you watch the full version this is edited

Victor Bogen says:

Video was flag

Brandon williams says:

loud ass niggers always jumping around and screaming like fucking animals

trojanoutwood says:

fucking dirty niggers

The Reginal P.Jones show says:

I don’t understand…big guy beats up little guy….and we celebrate that??
thats some weak shit. Maybe big guy should fight someone my size. I’m about
his size. And I’m sure it’ll be a even matchup, until I start whooping his
ass like he did that little bitty mexican dude.That is no tough guy shit he
did. I ain’t impressed. oh well,

M Gomez says:

Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the color of the dogs i

yarek jakubowski says:

that’s a nigger

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