Real Fights Compilation

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sirspikey says:

allways those pussy succerpunches… sad

Alexandre Khesali says:

It’s really sad to see that

Jinelys Torres says:

Worst FUCKING camera holder at number 7 damn yo I swear It gave me a

potala12 says:

song at 11:12?

TheLyricsMaker says:

lol animal planet 

KoDominoPS3 says:

who the hell filmed this crap?

woosh teck says:

i fucking hate blacks. this is pretty much all they are good for.

Diamond Davis says:

he said aint my property lml

Nemanja Saran says:


Jeffrey Fallick says:

Some of these fights are shite but has the camera holder got Parkinson’s

Diego Ramirez says:

Martin Luther King died for this :’(

AlefGotis says:

Only black people?

ForMeTo PoopOn says:

Welfare Recipients Gone Wild…………….

Ettrick Evans says:

This shit is crazy

Newlong Lor says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THE SECOND VIDEO when the dogg was humping him

Chris Ledoux says:

titties at 4:22
I repeat, we have big black titties at 14:22

TheMannSays says:

What a load of shit this was..? Full of sucker punches, cheap shots,
bullying, ganging up, lucky hits and crap fighting! A bunch of losers
trying desperately to look tough with bullshit talk and nothing to back it
up!? I watched the whole mess and the highlight honestly, is when some fit,
blonde bitch gets lifted up and she has a nice ass. Apart from that, this
whole thing was a disgrace and an EPIC FAIL!

Vinnie Williams says:

these are all the cheapest fights I have ever seen you are all fucking
NIGGERS I wish somebody would try this shit this is the reason why there
egos are so fucking high I am willingly saying if any one would take some
of this shit as I just saw you deserve to have your fucking face smashed
fuck niggers and fuck all of you in this video!!!!!

SinZephyr says:

To be fair, None of them can fight

Janai Vidal says:

real fights compilation nigga version… 

festerson obasohan says:

I think # 10 died.

Prince Ibrahim Taiwo OLUGBANI says:


Junior Gonzalez says:


Aaron Angelheart says:

It’s all good in the hood :P 

Brandon Roman says:

ummm roar no? meow no? oh yeah

meoget says:

“Gott-damn weave everywhere” LOL

Benzon Medi says:

I’m felling i watch some kind of national geographic

Solar Wind says:

its funny how there are barely any white on white fights, there always has
to be some black guy involved

Swift MCPro says:

14:02 when the one with black shirt pinned the blue shirt one down, you can
see dem boobies xD

Amanda Haun says:

holy shit

Lauren Barlow says:

Lol I know all then native girls in the last one smh ..

chris clark says:

at 15:39 the kids voice is so fucking funny lolz

Lalyla Kelly Layla Kelly says:

Reggie ur being A Fucking Bitch I swear the kuxkluxklan are white u saying
we should have the jim crow laws again why is u being racist Df U Just
Doing Extra Stuff 

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