Ghetto Hood Fight 2014 : 6 Thugs Jump 2 Hippies in Street Fight Austin Texas (Original)

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Ghetto Hood Fight 2014 6 Thugs Jump 2 Hippies and steal their wallets in a street fight Downtown Austin Texas 1-26-2014 Original fight” “fights” “fighting” “…


fuvkendope says:

6 niggers, 

Dthunderzx says:

6 straight up bitches

Domonic Young says:

if this is real these “thugs” are more like bitches

John Paul Manlangit says:

Ooh… so this is what a group of bitches look like.. I see

liam white says:

Monkeys allways the black guys fight 5 on 1 dirty niggers

Fred Thompson says:

Just 1 week ..only 1 week..To legagly shoot to death every SHIT BAG that
can be found you’ll have a million apes dead in no time

patrick kossewski says:

Bro you in the blue shirt let me say that you are a wannbieee puss nigga
and have to fight over weed ur a puss and jumping 3 people and u got 6 plus
your friends are puss niggas too

turnswagg says:

I want his camera damn that some god a recording and quitaly

eddiie817 says:

Them is what you call NIGGERS! Black people don’t get mad theres a
diffrence between a black man & a nigger . Just like a cracker or a mojo

JB PA says:

This is where our second amendment kicks in to play

Kevin Bowie says:

Fucking nigge..r scum!! You all deserve to die you are vermin….I would
love to jump all over your stupid little faces 

Yoel Ferguson says:

Im. A black hippie we loce not hatw

I Fought Piranhas says:

They act pretty tough when they’re rolling ten deep. Corner them one on one
and they change their tune real quick.

LilDead813 says:

Straight Bitches

Jeffrey Gee says:

If it was me I may have run out of ammo…not before much blood flowed on
the streets!

John Perez says:

I have no idea why those pussies acting like they’re hard it took six of em
to take on two dudes. That’s some bitch shit

Doug Sixspeed says:

These guys are fucking whack… I’d have shot everyone of them without
thinking twice… If they wanna act bad put them in jail , they got their
faces on here.. Let them get assfucked by the real Texas badasses behind

Jeffrey Gee says:

Looks like some pussies that can’t fight one on one! Oh well, they’ll
probably all end up shooting one another anyway or end up in prison…

TX Street Fights says:

Customize your message

deathrabbit82 says:

Fucking niggers , the scum of society

unratedTheQuiet says:

Niggaz is bitches. Dead ass. Foh. 

Aheezy Da Islander says:

Man if that tubby boy got stabbed he woulda bled out cool aid

wass littup young says:

6 tugz are pussy scare going one on one 

John Paul Manlangit says:

Ooh… so this is what a group of bitches look like.. I see

tonicruzz says:

Pandilla de cobardes
putos pandilleros

Ilya Pros says:

Черножопые обезьяны, только и умеют что толпой нападать, крысы

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