Attacker in ‘Knockout Game’ Gets Shot by Would-Be Victim

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Recently, a 17-year-old boy failed at the knockout game and got shot by the victim.

The so-called Knockout game is proving to be very dangerous and that doesn’t pertain to just the victims.

While the trend is somewhat new, it involves recreationally motivated assaults. The rules dictate that the assailant knocks out their victim with a single blow.

Recently, a 17-year-old boy failed at the game and was shot by his victim.

The teenager, Marvell Weaver from Lansing, Michigan, chose a man for the attack. That unsuspecting male had been standing outside, waiting for his 6-year-old child to be dropped off from school.

Weaver jumped out of a parked van with 2 acquaintances. He approached the unidentified man and tried to go after him with a Taser. Weaver’s weapon didn’t initially work.

That gave the victim time to pull out his concealed firearm and shoot Weaver twice in the leg and buttocks. Weaver was not seriously injured but he was arrested and charged for the crime. He was recently sentenced to one year in prison.

Weaver reportedly told police he and his friends had been drinking and smoking marijuana prior to deciding to play the Knockout game.


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