Felony Fights


upsyndrome Now stops dat nows bifow someone calls da pow wice..stop doinz da Flip Flop trys andz gets yo self a Bassa Baw Jones and seddlz its da way

upsyndrome da wite da wite...goes and gits yosef a Bassa Baw and do some hoopty hoops wit ur left eye brow

Vinewood Jake So what Detroit own Ohio

tyler baker R.I.P english

subria walker why is it 4 on 1 in the last fight? yall niggas it aint no jumping damn dickheads

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Thanksgiving is over. Bring on Black Friday 2012! Fights, lines, deals, death. What better way to celebrate the start of the Christmas season!

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While you were busy making love to your glorious Thanksgiving meal, some people were busting their asses trying to be the first in line for Black Friday 2012.

With stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Macy’s opening their doors as early as midnight, many Americans snapped out of their food comas and ventured into the dark and mysterious world of bargain shopping.

Others skipped out on Thanksgiving, opting to be first in line for stores that opened before Friday. That’s right, Black Friday is officially taking over Thanksgiving Thursday!

If you want some cheap sh*t, you’d better stop reading and start shopping! Or just wait for Cyber Monday and get everything done without the crowds and mayhem. It’s too bad there’s no Black Friday in Taiwan! Elbowing strangers in the food baby for discounted swag looks fun.

speaking about girl fights & Black Friday Fights along with the 2nd coming of the SUN.

CAROLINAZGR8 you the second person I saw speak on this unc. I can say all three of us feel the same way.

Nissimfakil ight i needed that i was thinking bout bring the famz

Malachi EL Bey ¹³ True shit unk i hate these fags who go about abusing people and ganging up on them, one time my sister got beaten down by a gang of boys and after that we search for all the main suspects had them crying, made them strip put the strap to their dome, they aint fucked wid us since, damn pussys only hard when in a group.

Ritvasea I dont celebrate nothing....thanks to you....me,im really trying even in the circumstances iam....im coming with ya....i used to look outside and suffer now i look within and trying to make myself better,im cleaning my temple!!!Thank you!!! 13thLove

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31deemitchell um waitin on part 2 so i can c it get brutal lol

GussEj2 faggs

NickGerv1 For one that fight was the worst i've ever seen and the camera man sucked worst then the fight I was hoping for the battery to die like he said it was gonna about ten times big fat fucks that are,out of shape shouldn't scrap

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FrickenSick Fucking blacks always with a bitch move.

MEANkilaMACHINE Hes white not mexican

georgetamyo Shady ass blacks

ferrocoon Da hoe got him popped off on

martha Thomas First of all just under stand the bitch ass.white.vuy got whoped end of story so shut the fuck if you white and tryin to defend the white bitch please 

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Street Fighter’s Ryu tests his skills against Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion! Who would win in a fight? We want you to decide! It’s Hadouken vs Chained Kunai in the 2nd episode of Ultimate Fan Fights!

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Cinematographer — Justin Lovell [www.framediscreet.com]
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These two guys having a real disagreement… They’re fighting but slowly AHAHA