Felony Fights

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markel cooper Niggas wouldve got shot the fuk up

Greg Brown Crazy! Gave his ass the blues lol

Abdullah Alzaman 16 people missed the dislike button'

Aaron Aageson First guy should have defended himself . Win or lose it doesn't matter . You don't sit there on the curb and look like a little bitch


gustavo cerati y la avenida revolucion

thomas penny In sur califas we do this same shit but we don't fight our homies when intoxicated smh we ride on our enmities with that lead coming from the concrete calles homies better recognize

david samir andate ala mierda con tu puto pais


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Edwin Martinez i think its so funny when that guy slaps the girl back @5:14-5:38

Patrick Montalvo Guy that jumps in at 1:37 is a bitch

Greg Brown you can get paid! If for your channel gets Views send me A private message

Angelito Salavaria Why stop the people on top punchin the fuck outta the other person? If they wanna get charged for manslaughter then so be it.

760BANGIN 5:50 Perfect Ambush: If you're a cautious man, draw him with his cautious mind into dangerous waters. If you're an aggressive man, force his agressive nature into a corner where he has no other choice but defend himself. In that game of chess of time mentioned, seems like a pawn thought he was a knight, crossed another pawn, but didn't expect a follow-up counter-attack move. Damn I gotta stop smoking this shit, hahahaahaha!

Awesome Street Fight Compilation!! Ulitimate fighting championship, UFC, fighters, fighing, punching, kicking, Geroge St Pierre, michael bisbing, urjah faber…


Miguel Diaz Kbron gringo abusador

efn kir 7:15 wtf?

favrerules04 1:40 Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmm! 10:50 No cutsies at the port-o-potty boys. 

gdub454 daaam..dude @ 1:42 I'll bet saw ****** stars for the rest of the day after that wallop...

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The most badass Sixth grade fight you will ever see! Give props to my man on the ground getting his ass beat, he has some real heart!

Mista_panda weak but funny props son

danny164l just what Esau likes to see to Jakes beating each other up.

vente suckz

Two of the 12 men arrested for allegedly raping a 21-year-old woman tourist in Puducherry had been booked for a similar offense earlier. One of the men, Nasser, was convicted of rape in 1999 and sentenced to three years in jail. His sentence was later reduced to 18 months. He is reportedly close to a local legislator from the DMK. (Read more)
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XXSweetChrissy d% unbelievable awesome

thegolfguy07 300lbs vs 100lbs.i wonder who wins?

Kp Plump wack as hell

batory500 dawaj dawaj dalej!

aiRCoft Thank the ice cream man for... wait, if the ice cream man didn't come then the fight would have continued, and maybe, just maybe... someone could have got killed. :D

Johnson Seddy Top of da line niggaa!!!!!

THOMAS Carkner Smdh

2012toxicroses that round house though lol

Edward Bernays I'm assuming the ice cream truck music was unintentional!?! It was so perfect! movie quality!

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IamLEGENDkb24 you need to watch the video again.. nobody got left! the black guy was the last to jump in the car and they took off.. they started it and ran like bitches!!

amunrahII most are ricans tho

amunrahII black dude running was hitting dudes knocked one off his feet his partner got beat up he ran to the car and then got punched getting in the car before closing himself in the car while they chased the black mark but either way it was 2 on 2 the 3rd dude was never in the fight he was in the car before the fight happened and never got out but he probably was the one shooting

AssAdmiration Good video man!

IamLEGENDkb24 It's more than what you see on tv or online.. it's in the streets.. Majority of Southerners still hate black folks!